• Yes, it is a bad technology.

    Zip drives relies on compatible disks. Moreover, they have space issues. So it cannot be equated with the latest drives that are available in the market.They are less economical for the user who is buying them. Hence they can be considered as one of the worst technologies invented in electronics industry.

  • No, the zip drive is a great technology product

    Not only is the zip drive not the worst technology product ever, it is in fact one of the best to come out in recent years. The zip drive replaced CDs, which only stored so much data, were not nearly as convenient to store, and were prone to being scratched.

  • Zip Not Worst

    The Zip Drive was a valid storage solution for its time. We now use thumb or usb sticks, but in the past a Zip disk was a far better storage solution than a box of floppy disks. The Zip Drives were either internal or could easily be attached to a computer externally. The Zip Drive was very convenient to use.

  • Zip Drive not the worst technology product ever

    Though the Zip Drive has been listed as one of the worst technology products ever, we need to take into account its applicability when it was first introduced sometime in the 90's. At that time it was a low priced and high capacity product and made significant inroads in the graphic arts market. Zip Drives are actually still used today by retro computer experts.

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