• No government is a perfect government.

    "What experience and history tech is this. . . That people and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it." -Georg Hegel.

    To say that because the people is corrupted and so the government is corrupted is like saying all of Christians are complete cults because of that incident in Texas. A government's principles and rules, no matter how strong, will always become corrupt. There is no 'best type of government' or 'worst type of government'. But there is a 'best type of community (people)' or a 'worst type of community (people)'

    The Muslims forcing their women to do cage themselves in black cloaks is tradition. Even if you disagree with it; it is like your children going to school. A regular, normal thing to them.

  • Theocracies have potential:

    Many religions, if adhered to closely, do not encourage any form of particular violence or discrimination against specific types of people nor do they support xenophobia or other ailments found in many segments of the world today. A theocratic government system was the major system for centuries including in the Golden Ages throughout history and even our modern conceptualization of human rights is spiritual in nature with men being equal and various other standards coming from spiritual and theological roots. Theology has, though it is often shunned in modern times, been a wellspring for academia (monks) and human rights (Divine Command Theory) where none existed prior.

  • Theocracies are corrupt

    Organized religion is a corruptive influence. It fosters greed, hate and violence. It creates boundaries between people, it is illogical, and that is no way to run a government.

    A theocracy is first and foremost concerned with the propagation of the faith. Civil rights, Liberty, Justice, all take a back seat to blind devotion.

    Those who would disagree are killed or thrown out of the nation. Laws are enacted to compel service and tithes.

    Theocracy is a sham.

  • Not to speak of the impracticality.

    Too add to the moral issues in a theocracy, it is highly impractical in the long run. As long as other countries and different types of societies exists, it would be tough for a theocracy to maintain its static and dogmatic nature. People generally don't like to live in a totalitarian society, theocracy is not that far off from that. Either way, a revolution is inevitable when there are better alternative forms of governments out there.

  • Its discriminatory so no.

    A Theocracy puts beliefs above doing what is morally correct in many matters. For example Saudi Arabia which is a theocracy does not allow women to drive or vote. If this is a good thing then theocracy works, but if you believe its good you are morally bankrupt to treat women as second class citizens.

    This applies to Christian Theocracies as well. Just look at the Vatican and the hiding of pedophiles. This is aiding criminals, which is also morally bankrupt.

  • Theocracy is Ignorance.

    Theocracy is against freedom and progress. It is against new ideas and free inquiry. It is against individuals making up their own minds about what ideas, Music, Books, Literature, Diet, Historical figures etc that they will like or not like. It is rigid in religion - which alone makes it worthless as there are several interpretations of the same religion. It is totally worthless, Anti-humanity (anti-science and thus anti-humanity), And has no redeeming features whatsoever.

  • Its not reliable

    Why should us the people, rely on some government that doesn't listen to the people, fosters greed and selfishness. Democracy is the way to go, Why would you put your safety in the hands of a government that only thinks of themselves. Why would i want these people ruling and controlling my country?

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  • There is no God.

    God is a concept of human nature
    The Problem We Share
    Is where we lie.
    The Bible is the greatest novel ever written.
    It is not God's word.
    Any form of government that relies on imaginary forms of life to justify itself is open to honest criticism or devilment.

  • A Theocratic Government is corrupt.

    With laws regarding religion, it could drive people away from what they believe in, and strict laws like praying at an exact time makes some people angry. If i had to pray at a certain time everyday, I surely would not be apart of that city. People should be free in what they believe in, it's almost like a Dictatorship, you have to believe in what they tell you.

  • We'll it depends who you ask but I will say no.

    While I acknowledge that in other countries/cultures democracy doesn't work for them I'm going by a quote from American author Robert A. Heinlein: " Any church, or government for that matter will turn dictatorial when it begins saying: "you must not read this", no matter how holy the motives. Theocracies are inherently dictatorial.

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ben671176 says2014-07-24T18:16:59.143
Even though Pope Francis was chosen as the best leader?
iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-07-24T23:50:56.563
@ben671176: Not even sure what that means.
ben671176 says2014-07-25T00:11:42.300
I heard on the news once. I don't remember when, like last year?
ben671176 says2014-07-25T00:14:16.907
I am basically stating that every government (et cetera) in of itself can be the best type of govrnment there is. But it's not the government's fault for misconduct, but the people that follow it.
ben671176 says2014-07-25T00:15:07.607
Government* Why am I failing at spelling lately?
Formerland1 says2014-07-25T06:03:09.390
Valid as in real , yes
Valid as in good , no