Is therapeutic crisis intervention enough of an area of emphasis for school counselors?

  • Crisis Intervention Is Wroking

    I believe that ttherapeutic crisis intervention is working in our schools. It seems like every time you hear about something bad happening at a school, they go on to say that there are grief counselors on hand. Can we ask for more than that? Most kids don't have grief often, and as such it makes sense to bring counselors in when you actually need them

  • They wear many hats.

    Yes, therapeutic crisis intervention is enough of an area of emphasis for school counselors, because school counselors have so many things to focus on. School counselors have to help children with their academics, but they also have to deal with children with mental health issues, and help with special plans for special needs students. Crisis intervention is one of many duties.

  • Therapeutic crisis intervention needs more approaches

    Although therapeutic crisis intervention is an important tool in the arsenal of techniques for the high school guidance counselor, there are many other tools and techniques that counselors need to be familiar with and trained in. With all of the problems facing children these days, we can't afford to simply take one approach.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe therapeutic crisis intervention is enough of an area of emphasis for school counselors. I think these counselors need to be able to offer more services than just crisis intervention. From my time in school all I remember counselors doing is setting up schedules and talking to a student if they thought there was a problem, particularly a behavior problem. I think these counselors could be better utilized, but for whatever reason, they aren't.

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