• We do, but not like you're thinking.

    We've several senses that people often forget, like sense of time, location, direction, pleasure...

    Some list 9 or more, while the list goes as high as 21.

    Hunger, thirst, pain, orientation, proprioception, and many more I'm undoubtedly forgetting are all various sensors we've developed to deal with internal and external problems and stimuli.

    Interesting stuff!

  • There are at least nine.

    Senses are defined as a physiological response to data.

    So yes we have: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell, Balance, Temperature, Pain, Kinesthetic, and Time technically speaking.

    Or did you mean ESP? Because people have studied it and tried and tried. There has been no conclusive proof so in the sense you asked the question? Reasonably certainly no.

  • This is superstition.

    There's a chance that there is a sixth sense. After all, there are may strange things out there in the universe. This relates to the supernatural, and has no evidence to support its existence. However, I believe in it a little, anything is possible. 6th sense can be seen almost like faith...

  • You've more than 6 for certain...

    It's a fun point really. For instance beyond sight, smell, taste, and hearing you have the ability to sense temperature, time, place, pain, pleasure, etc. which the biggest most people miss is probably time. You can actually sense it and not all creatures can.


    Now you're specifically referring to paranormal sense and I would agree with you, no.

  • I think there might.

    Of the 5 senses we know of, I believe the 6th is subconscious probability.

    That would explain our "gut feeling," or deep intuitive nature. We can't formally see it visually, but we can use mathematical probability to make cases that can be replicated under the same conditions before they happen. A sort of subconscious projection then and how the other senses would be affected by it would be but a short leap.

  • I don't think so.

    I've never seen any real proof or strong arguments.
    And, if free will does not exist, than how can the 6th sense exist?
    Not having free will, means your life is pretty much pre-determined.
    So then, how can you predict something that's already going to happen?
    And if you can "sense" or guess the outcome of something, is that purely the 6th sense?
    Or are you making an estimate based on stuff you already know?
    What is the 6th sense? I just confused myself. ._.

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