Is There A Beliefly Wye (Religious War) between Christendom(Christianity) and Mankinddom(Humanism)

Asked by: IsaiahSC
  • Believers Are Dying By These So-Called Humanists

    This land, the US, was built by Christians. This is not said by humanists. They are taking away the rights of Christians with gay wedlocks, unGodly books, and so on. They want us to forget our God and that only spells wye or war in the US. These two beliefs can not live with each other for they have little alikenesses. With these humanists sights, see we a great fall in America. Thousands of children die by their sights, no wrong is on earth to them, wrong is right and right is wrong to them, they are taking over this once Christish land into an evil land of misdeeds. We are in the beginning of a Wye, between two beliefs. Will the US fall asunder or will it become stronger?

  • Yes, there always has been and perhaps always will be disagreement among the religious and humanists that can't be compromised.

    However, there is some even ground. The Christian God gave free will and wants each person to to follow him willingly and by their own means. A person's beliefs are not threatened by those around them not following suit, you can support certain sins being legal without supporting the choice socially or morally, like divorce, working on the Sabbath, the eating of certain foods, gay relationships, or following a different God altogether.

    Humanists are not dictating what is a sin but are enforcing rules that protect people from harm, much of which the religious agree with (such as the prevention of murder, rape, theft, etc). There is no reason the two groups can't live peacefully aside each other when the proper amount of personal freedom is given.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-08-07T01:01:12.297
What the crap is the OP trying to say?