Is there a better approach to presidential debates?

  • Yes

    The better approach to the debate would be that the person that is moderating it would be unbiased to the situation. We found out what happens when the moderator takes too big of a place in the debate with this years second presidential debate. She was clearly on Obamas side of the conversation.

  • Yes, there is a better approach to presidential debates. Presidential debates seem to disregard facts and have too few rules that allow for the course of the debate to run fairly.

    The people running the debate need to be qualified to fact check the information the candidates say. Also, there need to be more rules that govern how the candidates act. If a candidate is acting out of line, their actions need to be taken into account in deciding who has won the debate.

  • Yes. Changes can be made.

    I think there are a few things that can improve the debate quality, one of which is absolutely preventing candidates from talking over each other or the moderators by completely cutting off mics so that only one person can talk at a time, with pretty rigid limitations. I also think there should be more debates, with each one focusing more narrowly on an issue.

  • Yes - Format Must Change

    Yes, there is a better approach to presidential debates. The format needs to be completely changed. What we saw these past few weeks was not good debating. The first thing we need to do is throw out the word “debate”. We need to give up on debates because they accomplish nothing and the media spends the next month trying to decide which candidate won. The American public needs to know what each candidate stands for and how they will approach different situations. We need to have a list of topics and questions prepared in advance. Each candidate will have a specific amount of time to reply to each question before the moderator goes on to the next question. Candidates should be required to remain sequestered in sound proof booths until it is their turn to address each question. This would give the American people the chance to truly see and hear each candidate as an individual.

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