Is there a better way to elect the President of the United States?

  • 52 cards 52 states

    Each State has a Governor allow only a current Governor to be elected. Shuffle the deck, deal out five cards. First card is Treasure second card is the SOS next card is Vice President next card is The President, and the final card is the head of the DOD. Term limit of three years and no lifetime perks. Look at the money we could save over the next Fifty years.

  • States are Irrelavent

    I don't see any reason for the states to be involved in the first place. I'm generally in favor of state control instead of federal control, but in the case of voting for president, I believe that the popular vote is a better idea. The candidate whom MOST PEOPLE want should win. Also, I'm not sure how the electoral college would prevent uneducated people from affecting the vote. Uneducated people can vote no matter what, so I'm not sure it makes a difference. Even so, every citizen should be allowed to vote, even if they're going to be stupid and refuse to educate themselves.

  • Yes, there can be a better way to elect the president.

    The united states should switch to the majority wins type election where everybody's vote counts for one vote.This solves the problem with using the electoral college. The electoral college should be done away with because it disproportion the votes and makes votes in one state not worth the same as votes in the another.

  • Yes, popular vote!!

    Yes, I think we should change the voting system to eliminating the Electoral College votes. It's old and outdated. This country should simply use the popular vote method and choose a winner that way. I don't think it is fair to try to convince people that they have a voice and encourage them to vote, when the Electoral College has the final say.

  • Popular vote

    The Electoral College is an old and backwards system that leads to things like there being massive amounts of campaigning being down in "battleground states" like Ohio and Florida while people in solidly "red" or solidly "blue" states have their issues basically ignored because it's almost certain which way the state is going to go. This benefits nobody. Why not let the whole nation elect the president?

  • Americans lack education to vote for themselves

    I think the electoral college process is what is best for Americans at this point. We have citizens who will support a candidate just because he's from a certain state. We are too easily tricked for us to be able to directly vote for the president. We need educated people to make decisions for what is best for this country, and that is what the electoral college provides.

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