• Yes

    I believe there is a bias against women in science. It may not be as extreme as some may think, but there is definitely a wall women must climb to achieve great success in the science field. It is by far easier for men to achieve great success in science then it is for women. Try and name 20 scientists, how many of them are women?

  • General perception matters

    While anybody that has bothered to look for it won't have a lot of trouble finding wildly successful women in the field of science, we all know the role stereotypes play. Many, many people out there think the only science women are capable of is getting the core temperature of a roast correct. The accomplishments of women in the field should be promoted more to fight this mindset and show the undeniable proof that women can contribute to any field that they want to.

  • No

    Just because there aren't that many scientists that are women, doesn't mean theres a 'bias' against them in the field of science. Truly, women can do anything they want, as history in school taught me some lessons about great women who created professions for others. The first woman doctor, the first woman everything-if a human being truly wants something, (human being being either male or female,) then there's not much that can stop them.
    BLhuard even though not that many scientists are woman, (and I probably can't name twenty although I haven't given the effort,) that doesn't prove anything. There's no reason that women must 'climb' to reach success, as success is determined by ones will to reach success, and what the motives are to reaching this 'success'. I feel that woman just haven't really given the effort to become 'great' scientists, as there are thousands of scientists, just not 'great' ones as most people only are taught the ones who make the next 'big' discovery-no one really knows specifically or cares about Brianna Chark, who was blah blah blah and woman scientist. Honestly, do YOU know every single regular ordinary scientist-as there are plenty of ordinary woman scientists-as science is the study of many things that are considered 'scientific'.

  • No

    No I do not think there is a bias against women in science. There may have been at one time, but in today's society, women are pretty much accepted in every area. I think girls need more encouragement in schools to go to college for the science and math fields, but this isn't even a huge issue.

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