• There is a 100% Chance of God.

    Without a God there would be no reason for life. Who made all the things in the world. If you look at the Christian history it was the hardest to go through out of any religion. Yet, Christianity has the most followers of any religion. I had a short period of time in which I was Atheist. That was the worst 2 years of my life because I was just feeling something was missing. When I got back to the Catholic Church I became happier. God has done so many things in my life that it is impossible to think he isn't real.

  • There is a God.`

    I have had issues with religion in the past. I went through being Atheist and Agnostic. I have had too many things happen to me for me to not believe. I understand people have there own opinions but i just want to know how others feel about this.
    Thank you

  • The notion of God clearly exists.

    The fact that billions of people around the world worship the Judeo-Christian God is evidence enough to support that the notion of God exists. People fail to consider the necessity of this notion. In the United States, God plays a large part in legislation, whether HE/SHE/IT actually exists.

    Whether a god of any sort actually exists is not disprovable nor provable. Some say that the mere fact that matter randomly spawned a planet with intelligent life is proof enough based on the astounding odds against that happening. They would say the universe was perfectly suited for life. But the fact is the universe is not perfectly suited for life. The energy found in empty space in a perfect universe would be zero, absolute zero. But it is not zero.

    I submit this notion however. What if the energy found in empty space is "god?" What if "god" is between every atom where there is not a proton, neutron or electron? This would give this mysterious energy the capabilities of performing any miracle imaginable. So what is "god" is just a bit of unexplainable energy?

  • Yes, No, Maybe...

    My personal way of thinking is to accept all points of view until disproven in a not refutable method. He might be a true god, or he might be a false god (requires human worship to exist and perform miracles), or there might be no such thing as supernatural entities. Same with everything else he might also be Allah,or they might be separate entities, or one or the other not existing.

    There is only one Truth, but there are many ways to perceive it

  • Don't be ridiculous.

    The Christian God doesn't exist. If you believe in fairy tales, especially violent ones like Christianity, you deserve to be in a mental facility where your acute mental illness can be reasonably treated in a medical environment. You literally believe an invisible man in the sky created the entire universe with no real motivation and created humanity with clay and a rib bone, and ever since decided that strife, murder, genocide, and tragedy would be a fair destiny for his creations made in his image.

  • No evidence, no case.

    There is no evidence for the claim, therefore there is no case. What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

    The Christian God, as defined in the Bible, also contradicts our natural laws, meaning we have very strong evidence against even the posibility of his existence.

    Therefore I think it's reasonable to conclude that he doesn't exist.

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