Is there a climate change conspiracy behind global warming and global cooling theories?

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  • No, there is no conspiracy

    Stow away the tin foil and close the InfoWars tab, this isn't some global conspiracy for one government to rule humanity. The causes of global warming may still be up for debate, but the effects cannot be completely dismissed as some sort of job to pull the wool over our eyes. To do so is to look scientific evidence in the face and say "no, this is made up" which is completely nuts considering the number of people reaching the same conclusion. That would be one heck of a large conspiracy.

  • No there is no conspiracy

    There is no climate change conspiracy going on behind global warming and global cooling theories. The problem is they are theories not facts. Since they are theories they are only believed to be true they are not proven. This means that people will vary greatly on which side they believe in.

  • There is no 'climate change conspiracy'.

    While climate change theories may or may not be accurate, there is certainly no global conspiracy behind them. Climate change has been proposed by such a wide and diverse variety of scientists and institutions around the globe that it is risible to suggest they all are part of one grand conspiracy. For example, it would mean Israeli institutions are in league with Arab institutions and Chinese with Japanese. This seems highly unlikely at best.

  • No probably not.

    Of course anything is possible, and there may be some kind of conspiracy behind global warming, but I don't think so. The icebergs melting and such a rapid pace is proof enough that the world is heating up. Also the oceans are heating up as well, and so there is plenty of proof.

  • No there is not a conspiracy

    No there is no climate change conspiracy going on. What some people take as a conspiracy is really just a varying amount of belief in how dangerous it truly it. For those who don't believe global warming they see a conspiracy theory being caused by those who do and vice versa.

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