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  • Nature Doesn't Make Things Wrong, Man-Kind Does And Just Because Something Has Negative Consequences, Doesn't Mean It's Wrong

    There are a lot of things that have consequences, Positive and negative. Some things have negative consequences but are not morally wrong, For example, If suicide is upsetting and/or selfish, That does not mean that it is wrong, Suicide is not wrong. Also, Who is to say what is right and wrong? Can't that just change all the time? There are some things that have negative consequences that were legal in the past, For example, Physical abuse (I think) was legal in the past and that had negative consequences, But wasn't it frowned upon at the time like it is now. People have different opinions on what is right and wrong, For example, People think that slaughering animals is right, But that has negative consequences. We cannot immoralize everything that is deliberate and has negative consequences, It is not always black and white, Sometimes it is different shades of grey.

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