Is there a correct aspect of everyones opinions on every topic?

Asked by: steffon66
  • There isn't an absolutely correct opinion on any topic.

    Every opinion is based on some assumptions. Even 2+2=4 is based on the assumption that 1+1=2. All we can say is that most of people agree on the assumption that 1+1=2, but it doesn't make any other assumptions invalid. So, everyone's opinion on every topic is somehow correct under his/her own assumption. We can always challenge the assumption when it is inconsistent to some generally accepted assumptions.

  • Let us see.

    I stand on the firm believe that if an opinion is formed with out well done research, study, and discussion, then the opinion is invalid and worth disrespect. Richard Dawkins said it best: "Every one does have the right to their own opinion, but you damn well don't have to respect it." If after study, research, and discussion, you come to still disagree with me, I will listen to you for hours.

  • There is always truth.

    Everyone will always take something from someone's opinion. For example, "Men are immortal." - Pfalcon1318 can have several interpretations. I thought out four of them

    1. Each individual man will live forever.
    2. Men's actions influenced things around them and those changes will change the course of the future forever.
    3. There will always be a male counterpart to females for sexual species.
    4. Men's spirits are immortal even after death.

    These are four different interpretations to one opinion. I'm sure others could come up with different ones. It can mean different things from different perspectives. With that in mind, I would like to state all opinions are objective. If you debate law from the point of view of someone who doesn't know about newer bills, how can you agree with someone who knows about the most recent changes? While this is a fairly black and white example, I assure you it's the truth. If you are missing information that another person has, or if you have information another person does not have, your opinions are bound to differ. However, that doesn't mean that nobody will take from one of them because more people think the other one is right. Everyone's words have weight and some level of understanding can be reached if an attempt is made to understand another.

    Posted by: rip
  • Every person has a reason for their opinions that makes sense to them.

    A child may have the opinion that there should be no more school because it bores them. This aspect of their opinion is correct even though it's a better idea to have school when every aspect is considered. An opinion doesn't have to be correct for it to have certain aspects that are correct. Wow, I'm giving my opinion on a question about opinions... Trippy brah.

  • Truth Debunks Opinion

    Of course there is, just because someone's opinion is popular doesn't mean that it is correct. A good example is Winston's struggle in the book 1984, when he's being tortured to accept that 2+2=5. Now, if you haven't read the book, that part actually goes deeper, but basically the premise is the same. Empirical proof debunks people's opinions, no matter how popular they are. If later on some future civilization decides that 2+2=5 (as we know it) then it might be true for them, but that doesn't make it correct.

    But we also have to analyze what people's opinions really mean and boil away interpretation. What if in that society 2 means 2.5. Or what if 5 means 4. Interpretation is very important here.

    Oh and respecting people's opinions should be stopped. Instead I advocate for the careful analyzing of those opinions before coming to conclusions, but a bad opinion should ALWAYS be criticized.

  • Someone asked this question but my opinion didnt show up on the page

    To that idiot do you not know that there is retards geniuses and everything inbetween? For there to be only one or A right aspect to everybodies opinions we would have to all have the same intelligence levels and all questions would have to be the same level of difficulty to answer. How can anyone be so stupid that think there is a correct aspect to every issue. Id argue that not everybody has correct aspect to their opinions on any issue. There are topics that are far beyond our understanding like where did we come from. Now how can one person who says we came from god and one person who says we came from nothing both have a right aspect of their opinions. What about simple topics that only have one aspect? Like who is god. Now how can one person saying its buddha and one person saying its jesus both be right? How can one person saying god doesnt exist and one person saying god does exist both have correct aspects of their opinions. There are some people who have false premises therfore the conclusion is wrong. If they can get one thing wrong whos to say that cant get everything wrong in one opinion? Thats insane

  • Socrates was seen as one of the fore fathers of critical thinking and developing strong opinions.

    It is likely that he would postulate that there is no real "correctness" or absolute truth, but much rather emphasize the most well developed and thought out argument.

    Knowledge and opinion is always subject to change such as for example Einstein's near perfect e=mc^2 equation, which has now been refuted and stated as being in need of refinement. 2000 years ago, we could have still been debating on the flatness of the earth and the general consensus would have been that it is indeed flat, contrary to what we know today.

    Knowledge and opinions are always subject to change and sometimes they do improve over time. Therefore, it would not be right to assume that there is an automatically correct aspect to an opinion, but instead that there are bad arguments and also good arguments, that allow us to attempt to strive as close as we can towards a correct opinion, based on our current understanding.

  • Well, no. Not every topic.

    It depends on if the topic one offers an opinion on corresponds to something objectively verifiable. If it's about, for example, one declaring that blue is better than red, then that's entirely subjective. In such a case someone's opinion might very well be true for them. However, having an opinion on e.g. political issues or certain human rights problems can also be somewhat inter-subjective in between people. Social concepts and constructs can be altered, therefore they can be made correct or false given enough time, since there is no baseline to go after.

    When it comes to scientific theories and measurements, then opinions aren't even a part of it (if it were, it would be extremely detrimental), only facts, not opinions, are either true or false in the real objective world - and yes, there is such a thing.

  • The qualifier "every" makes the answer no.

    If it is my opinion that men are immortal, and that since I am a man, I will live forever, obviously, this is patently false, and so incorrect.

    There are some issues, though that don't fly in the face of logic and reason, e.G., that blue is a pretty color, or that pizza is nasty. In regards to those things, yes, opposing opinions can be equally correct, as these are aesthetic and subjective in nature.

  • No. Everyone has their each opinions.

    I do not think there's a particular correct sides of each opinions on topics. Each person will have different thoughts and sides of each subjects, whether they'll be against it or approve it. Unless they might have the incorrect informations or details about a certain topic and judging it then that might be another side.

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