• How did we get here?

    Ok, I know there are people arguing about the big bang and all, but really, that doesn't explain how WE got here. And evolution doesn't either. Think about it, how did the first single celled organism get here? If there wasn't a God, then it wouldn't have just appeared now would it? Exactly.

  • Yes; the probabilities are too small otherwise

    Consider these facts:

    - if the "resonance" between nuclear ground state energy levels of helium and beryllium was out by 1% there would not be enough carbon in the universe to sustain life.

    - if the ratio of nuclear strong force differed by 1 part in 10^16 then no stars could have formed

    - if the ratio of the electromagnetic force-constant to the gravitational force-constant were increased or decreased by 1 part in 10^40 then we would have a universe containing either only big stars (too hot to sustain life) or only small stars (too small to manufacture chemical elements)

    - if the ratio of expansion and contraction forces acting just after the Big Bang had altered by as little as 1 part in 10^55 then the universe would either have expanded too quickly, so no galaxies formed, or too slowly so that it quickly collapsed

    - unless our universe fell within a very tiny volume of the phase space of possible universes, corresponding to an accuracy of 1 part in 10^10^123 then there could be no second law of thermodynamics

    Imagine you have a dice. This isn't any ordinary dice; it has 10^10^123 sides to it. Pick a number. Believe me, you've got a lot to choose from. Imagine rolling the dice. Imagine the probability of it landing on the VERY FIRST ROLL.

    That is what happened with the universe. It didn't have a back-up plan and it couldn't choose to remake itself if things went wrong. It rolled the dice, again and again, and it ALWAYS landed on the perfect number on the very first roll.

    Now tell me life could have evolved by chance.

  • It makes sense.

    I know people like to say that their is no evidence for a creator so therefore such a being does not exist, but I'll put it like this, the belief in a creator is as logical as those who would follow creation back to the big bang theory or any other cause of creation. Universally, man's mind has always followed his present to some theory on how everything was created. To say a belief in God is from an ignorance fallacy, is then to call any of man's thoughts on the beginning of creation an ignorance fallacy since every claim speaks out of ignorance. No one was there at the beginning. If someone says God is the creator, that is a completely logical statement. If someone says it was the big bang, that is a logical statement as well. I could easily say to those who choose any other theory that you have made that theory your "god" of creation.

  • Science has no evidence

    Science says that the universe started around 13.5 billion years ago and out of tiny pieces of dust exploding it made planets, solar systems, stars, diamonds, trees, fish, water, color, organs, sound heat, cold, elements, snow, lightning. Look at your selves according to scientists we are dust, or blood, are complex body's with muscles veins hair. Think of a pregnant woman i her body she is creating veins blood vessels a brain, skin,eyes, reproductive organs and this is created by dust 13.5 billion years ago a mother having a child proves life can be created by a creator there is no evidence in evolution just that we look like monkeys and are DNA is close to theirs. After a billion years in the past science falls apart not really knowing what happened other then our world being created and the supposedly big bang

  • The evidence points to yes

    Our world is amazing, it is exactly the right, size, weight, density and distance from the sun to sustain life. As scientists study more about the universe they see what an amazing system it is, all of this points to intelligent design.

    Jesus is also an indication of the creator. Jesus single handedly changed the world in just 3 years.

  • The word Creator is abstract

    If you believe in evolution or not, there is a Creator, be it atoms or God. It's a trick of the words really. You could believe atoms created you or God created you, no use fighting about it. It's kind of a pointless argument at this point. So yeah, there you go.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • The Religious Conflicts

    First, science has explained many things. Including evolution, creation, etc. Remember, the scientific community calls these theories, but they are widely accepted in the scientific community. There are theories on how the universe was created, how we became humans today. These theories run the basis of the scientific community. Now one theory on our creation is the big bang theory. This theories states that there was only one molecule in the the void (before our universe) at one time. Now for no reason this molecule exploded and created the universe. Now I am not to let my religious views to get in the way of science, but what gave that one molecule the force to explode so violently that even trillions of years later, our universe is still expanding? What about existing molecules today? They have been running for trillions of years. What gives them the energy to run without rest? Why is it that out of all of the planets that are known, why is it that our planet, Earth, is the only one that supports life? Is it sheer luck, or another force at work? Evolution, why is it that the human is the only animal without a natural defense? Monkeys have teeth, crabs have claws, cats have claws and teeth, etc., yet we have next to nothing? We may have teeth, but what are they for? Our jaws aren't strong enough to bite through shells, we don't have extreme strength like a monkey or a chimpanzee. Why is it that if we came from monkeys, that there are still monkeys and chimpanzees today? (This is from the book Genesis, in the bible.) The bible is over four thousand years old. In Israel, we did not have the knowledge of medical science. Yet the Israeli people knew that the female has a rib in an odd place. They knew nothing of the ribs, yet Moses knew that God gave Eve a rib from Adam. How did Moses even know what a rib was, or did another power tell him?

    Disclaimer: This is not to offend any person who believes in science or is an atheist. I have not allowed my own religious views to come into contact with science. I am merely stating the obvious information.

  • And his name is God.

    When at an art museum you see a painting. Did someone make that painting or did it magically appear? Do paintings paint themselves? Does a cat go woof? The answer is no. Paintings do not paint themselves. If you can't believe that then you're a little arrogant. As a painting has a painter behind it, so does our world have a creator. Today we don't see new worlds appearing. We don't see someone magically (without illusion) making a painting appear. That's because there is a creator behind everything. There is a creator behind a painting and creator behind the painter, so on and so forth. What is the overall likely hood that a world would be just created out of no where? If you say the universe created our world what are the chances that it would perfectly come together as so without someone guiding the procedure. How could the universe do that without someone creating it. That is why there is a creator of our world. I'm not asking you to follow my religion or to believe in genesis, I am asking that you open you perspective and think logically. Also what is the motto of the United States (I'm assuming most people here are American, if your not sorry for assuming)? It is "In God we trust". I'm sorry if you don't like this but common America let's follow that motto and act more like the Americans we should be. This is more then a question on whether there is a creator, this is a question on whether God is real. Whether we can join as one nation under God. I could go on all day, but to conclude, there is a creator of our world. Thank you.

  • I do believe in evolution, but...

    I am a Christian, I believe in the creation, and also in evolution, to an extent. How did the matters of science get here? How did the "BIg Bang" occur? How did the matter get "made"? Was it just here? Scientists can't explain these because it's unfathomable, unless you have religion. God created everything, including science. He created thinks with science!

  • I do believe in evolution, but...

    I am a Christian, I believe in the creation, and also in evolution, to an extent. How did the matters of science get here? How did the "BIg Bang" occur? How did the matter get "made"? Was it just here? Scientists can't explain these because it's unfathomable, unless you have religion. God created everything, including science. He created thinks with science!

  • No Reason to Assume So

    There is no good reason to posit a conscious creator of our world or of the universe. Until verifiable, repeatable evidence is provided that suggests the existence of such an entity more strongly than it suggests anything else, any god claim is an appeal to the Argument From Ignorance Fallacy.

  • Why jump to a God?

    First of all, evolution is a fact, not an opinion. Second of all, there is no evidence at all that proves that a God created anything. If science doesn't prove something ( which we admit, it doesn't have the answers for everything yet) doesn't give anybody the right to factually say " oh then that means God did it" ... Well which one?

  • No no no

    I believe solely in evolution. The bible is a fairy tale. Religion is dangerous and steals people's intelligence. The idea behind the separation of church and state is a great one! God did not create humans and we did not live with Dinos. Do people who believe in god also believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny??? If god created the world and us then why did he do just a crappy job? Most people are poor and uneducated. Most countries lie to their citizens and there are countless major problems facing the world like climate change and depletion of natural resources. This is pretty bad work for a all powerful and all knowing god.

  • Creator or no creator?

    There very possibly could be a creator, God, greater power, or whatever else you call it. However, there's no absolute proof of there being one. We could easily lie to ourselves and say there is but we'll never know for sure. Maybe you personally have really truly met a greater power and believe it, but that's a very personal thing no one else will experience the way you have. Until someone has had their own miracle happen to them, they probably won't believe in a creator.

    Posted by: c826
  • No there is not:

    - There is no reason why. Because scientifically seen it could have come from "nothing" and that's more likely.

    - The believe in god comes from our ancestors - They believed it because they could not explain our world better then to say "god did it". But today we should not believe in anything except there are highly likely theories or even evidence.

    - The existence of a creator is not equally likely than there is not creator: Only because you cannot prove something wrong does not mean it is real therefore.

    According to statistics, in future everybody will be an atheist, because no body really believes those things anymore. The earliest prediction of a world with a majority of atheists is 2038.

  • Is one the magic number?

    No, three is. It is also the most rigid shape, a three sides shape. Twelve is obviously the most divine number, though. If there were going to be creators, there would be twelve.

    In all honesty though, there isn't enough evidence for a creator.

    I do like Taoism though, does that entail a creator?

  • Read this please

    OK I'm not going to talk about if there is a god or not- there are too many viewpoints on the topic and I think you're allowed to believe what you want. I AM going to talk about some disadvantages to religion. Like, just look at the Taliban for example- look how religion effected them and how that affects us. I know that this might be a little extreme but all this religious conflict could tear us apart. Just give a few very religious people a few guns and the damage would be enormous.

  • There is no evidence of any such.

    There is absolutely no evidence that any god or "creator" exists. Such arguments seem to rely entirely on the Argument from Ignorance fallacy, i.E. "I don't get it therefore God".

    There is no indication that anything in our universe required any supernatural intervention to exist or to function whatsoever. None.

  • Religion keeps people in line...Especially those in a financially lower class.

    Religion is too convenient for the rulers of our world. There is no scientific validity in religion yet it dictates how most people behave. People tolerate injustice in this world because they believe justice will be served in the afterlife. Religion causes people to accept their way of life as fact without questioning unfairness and atrocities committed towards them by people in power.

  • It IS unlikely there was a creator

    Lawrence M. Krauss explains beautifully the understandings that the more we know about the universe the less likely a god or gods were the answer to our existence. Understandings the latest discoveries of our universe has shown that a universe is a free lunch. The meaning of a "free lunch" is based on the fact that our total energy of the universe added up is of a Zero net energy, hence the universe is a "free lunch". Krauss's book "A Universe From Nothing" tells us that nothing from a scientific perspective (this includes no particles, no background radiation, no time, no space and so on) shows that even nothing is unstable. We can have a free lunch and even the odds of nothing is on our side by being unstable.

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Quan says2013-06-10T16:39:07.377
There is a "creator." However, that creator is not necessarily a god or anything similar. It's not even necessarily intelligent.
franhoeffer says2013-06-10T16:45:54.410
I just want to say that even if evolution is a fact, that does not mean it implies that a God does not exist. To me, that is jumping too quickly to a conclusion. And when you ask "which one," that doesn't prove anything either, except that you identify man's weakness in not being able to accurately judge information for himself. So when you say science doesn't have the answers to everything yet, there still is the imperfection of man's ability to interpret information. That is why, even within the scientific community, they debate and and cannot conclude unanimously the meaning of information.
franhoeffer says2013-06-10T16:48:35.470
The above comment was meant as a reply to jessjessica11's opinion. Sorry for it being "out of place."
the_croftmeister says2013-06-13T05:23:38.087
Actually, there is a pretty clear definition of information in the scientific community. It's to do with the number of microstates that a system could be in at any one point in time. You make a great point though, God could be sufficiently difficult for man to understand that there are varied ways of interpreting his existence. Science will never have all the answers, but the answers that science doesn't get probably aren't worth very much. This is why I don't use the existence of god as means to make day to day decisions, however I don't presume to know one way or the other.