• Yes, between conservative life and liberal life.

    Yes, there is a culture ware today, between groups of people that want to live their life differently. To illustrate this war, one only needs to look at the recent controversy with Duck Dynasty member Phil Robertson. There is a large disagreement between whether the remarks he made were fine and in keeping with the Bible or terrible. This divide is the culture war.

  • It is all a misunderstanding

    We think that the culture war exists yet society is so similar in many ways. To add, the majority of the population does not really care as much as the activists or partisans do, and the amount of activists/ partisans to the rest of the population is less than 1 percent. We are all taught into thinking that America is split into two, but in reality it is not. Only the political parties are and our choices. Our positions are not.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T20:55:38.807
It is a cultural renaissance of enlightenment that some are finding difficult to accept and embrace.