Is there a decline in morality and values in the United States?

  • Yes, but not for reasons one might think.

    Morality and values are going downhill in the United States today, but not because traditions are being discarded and new opinons voiced and lifestyles lived. It is because we are living in a culture that lauds celebrity over talent and is filled with reality shows that demonstrate greed and meanness.

  • I disagree, since morality and values do not decline, but merely change.

    You cannot subjectively say there is a decline in morality and values, simply because of the nature of that subject. One persons morality and values are different than another persons, when a mass of peoples morality and values switch and start to match then theirs are the morality and values of the subjective area. Seeing it as a decline, is simply seeing the shift in morality and values as a negative, instead of the inevitable change it is.

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