Is there a deterioration of values in the present generation?

  • People are more selfish than ever before even in a so called family

    Each one considr it it is "my life my choice" why you interfare in in it " this change all the values that founded the fmily . One memberwas not for him/she but for others, when one for oneself all the concept of family and value changes so is the society big or larger even the nation.

  • Yes, ethics are not what they used to be.

    Yes, there is a deterioration of values in the present generation, because they do not value solid ethics like they used to. Politicians have no sense of right and wrong. People no longer believe that it is important to work for what you have. These values have shifted in the last few decades, and those values have deteriorated into this present generation.

  • There is no deterioration of value in the present generation.

    The core values of love and family have not deteriorated over the current generation. However, our definitions of these have changed. Family does not necessarily mean a mother, father, and kids with the same last name living together. Today's generation still values the concept of related people living together, but now the relation comes through knowing each other well, not blood or last name. A "non-traditional family" is just as valued as a "traditional family." Also, marriage is still a strong value with today's generation. However, the definition as opened to include gay marriage. All these values have been around for generations and carry on in today's.

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