Is there a difference between Fox News and MSNBC?

  • Yes, there is a difference

    Fox news is heavily conservatively biased, is the media branch/puppet of the GOP, is accused of being horrendously biased and untruthful, and has an audience consisting almost entirely of old people who dont know how to change the channel to something else..... And MSNBC tells the truth.

    As you can see, both of them are very different from one another ;D

  • Just because they're both biased, doesn't mean one does a better job than the other.

    Neither are perfect. No sense pretending. But at least for the most part, MSNBC actually reports facts. Sure they lean left, but you can lean one way or another and still report truthfully. Fox? ...Anywhere other than the US, they're perceived as little more than a farce. (Source: I'm Canadian.)

  • There is a huge difference between news channels.

    There is a huge difference between new channels. People can say what they want to about Fox News being biased but, in my experience, they are the only channel that presents all points of view. MSNBC is very liberal. It is obvious all of their newscasters are liberal. When you turn on Fox you have a mixture of liberals as well as conservatives. Showing both sides of an issue, instead of only one, is the only fair unbiased way to present the news. A voter isn't really informed unless they have watched democrats and republicans debate their issues. MSNBC does not allow for voters to be informed.

  • MSNBC isn't CNN, but Liberal Media > Conservative Media anyway

    The fact of the matter is that MSNBC, while having it's fair share of outliers, isn't like CNN or FOX in the sense that they slew the news to manipulate their target audience. Yes, their reporters and commentators are biased, but they don't deliberately change footage or quotes to match a hidden agenda of there's. And, even if they do, Liberalism>Redneckism, so no terrible harm done.

  • Fox refuses to report the facts

    MSNBC has always reported the facts as they get them even if they appear to be left leaning were as Fox cannot get themselves to report the true fact to save their lives. They always skip the actual events and report something that they have made up which sounds rehearsed.

  • Fox contexualizes better than any other cable news channels.

    It matters little how many "facts" some say MSNBC uses when they are constantly guilty of editorializing Pres Trumps remarks and leaving relevant information out of the discussion. That usually means the facts that you leave out would harm the narrative of too many trying to make news rather than report it. Brett Baier is hands down the toughest and most fair news anchor on any channel, and its not even close.

  • Both lean to party lines, FOX more so than CNN

    I have watched both of the conventions on CNN this last two weeks--from start to finish. Then I tuned into Fox to watch the Wallace interview with Hillary. OMG. He was so baiting her, but she stood her ground, and in the aftermath, FOX is definitely still insisting that she lied! What? Did we just watch the SAME interview? She admitted to the mistake (re email server) and stated that NONE of the emails held classified info AT THE TIME! Some were retroactively deemed classified. I also watched (most) of the press release of FBI Komme. FOX played little "glitches" instead of the entire statement--so it was taken out of context. So, yes, by FAR, FOX is very biased where CNN reports the entire story--on the whole.

  • Fox may use different language compared to CNN/MSNBC

    Language makes a difference between what you want to hear. Both news outlets are popular and will report the facts. However, both news outlets may send the message a different way to reach its audience. A shooting of a black kid headline may go:

    Fox: Black Kid with criminal record killed.
    CNN: White man kills black kid.

  • FOX reporting more trustworthy.

    When I want the truth about the activities of my tax paid employees from the President on down, I'm inclined to believe that FOX has the guts to tell the truth.
    It has been apparent over the past several decades that is not the case for the main stream media.

  • Most certainly a difference!

    While I have watched both FOX and MSNBC, I have found that MSNBC presents documentation for the facts that they are presenting. They, more times than not, do look at the conservative views and dispel them much of the time. They report the political news as it happens and state exactly what has occurred during that event with facts along with supporting documentation. And if they do get it wrong, they're always the first to admit their mistake and correct them publicly.
    FOX seems to taunt their watchers with their own agenda. It's never about the facts that have been well documented, but more about the commentators own personal views and his spin on what's really behind decisions. I don't like all the name calling and the obvious hate that they have for some. I always look back at the protesters in DC when a bunch of college students were mazed, Sean Hannity was cheering on the police department, saying they were doing their job. But when authorities did the same thing on Cliven Bundy's ranch, the (law enforcement) were terrorist and Bundy was a Patriot. That's when it occurred to me that FOX chooses to run with a story that best behooves them. I also don't like how they fuel their audience with revolutionary idea, ie: the 2 cop shooters. I blame Sean Hannity for these deaths....

  • Most certainly not.

    Both organizations act and provide information in such a manner that they could be considered another arm of the United State's Department of Defense. (DoD) If anything, the entirety of all mainstream media sources provide information in ways that either support political parties or of the agenda of the United States government.

  • Fox = Republicans Msnbc= Democrats

    Nothing but commentary supporting their beliefs. Objectivity has been lost with both. And it is tearing our country apart! Don't believe me? Watch Patriocracy the documentary on Netflix. It does well to highlight this problem! I've stopped watching either SHOW. I blame both Democrats and Republicans equally for our problems. Yet millions of Americans can't see it that way. A shame!

  • FOX and MSNBC, at best, are the opposite sides of the same coin.

    I cannot begin to tell how many times I have heard the claim that FOX News is so-o-o biased toward the right that they should be ignored. Funny thing is that when I turn the channel to MSNBC's opinion programming, they appear to be biased toward the left, almost an arm of the Democratic National Committee.

    Since day one, MSNBC (or MSDNC?) has carried on a serious "romance" with the current administration. Chris Matthews put it into words by saying, "I felt this thrill going up my leg as Obama spoke."

    Each network has had issues with incorrect reporting, slanting stories to fit their own demographic. For each occasion FOX has been accused of biased reporting, there is one highlighting MSNBC's apparent bias. I maintain that FOX and MSNBC are the opposite sides of the same coin. Neither is better than the other.

  • Both Are Biased

    They are both biased towards the left and right. I really see no difference when I see their broadcasts on TV or YouTube. The only difference is Fox serves the right and MSNBC serves the left. They both demonize the opposite party. They are both influencing Americans in a bad way.

  • Only thing that separates them is which party they bend over for

    Ultimately, If you’re looking for the two most hyperpartisan American news channels, These are it. Many right-wingers complain about CNN being liberal, But various polls and statistical analyses have shown that they usually report facts and have an opinion that leans left, While fox and msnbc are solid right and left, Respectively, And will only positively report on their party and exclude or warp any other information.

  • News should be for the people, not by and for corporate interest:

    Commentators,as unbiased debaters, that you can disagree with or not, once facts are presented, are no more on MSNBC. Fox News and MSNBC,both now geared for, non thinkers. MSNBC Replaced commentators with blatant "you must agree with me on skewed facts presented by robo-commentators. Such opinions presented to make one feel stupid and confused about issues that matter. Issues that matter to voter's lives now, usually absent or skimmed. In conclusion,all christians are the same and fox news and msnbc are the same, bent on justifying unrewarded slave labor as status quo in american politics, still today.

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