Is there a difference between legal and moral rights?

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  • In the end? There has to be.

    "Moral rights" are subjective. Different people have different opinions on what people have and do not have the right to do, and what rights we are morally obligated to uphold. And that's why legal rights exist. Technically speaking, they do deride from moral rights but, they are the most widely accepted and logical(well...Usually) of those rights.

  • Obvious difference like deh

    Moral is personal judgement and the rules at which u personally live and go by which others may or may not differ from. Legal is publicly endorsed by people of higher authority like the government and must be followed with all seriousness or there will be dire consequences inflicted .

  • Eg. Right to life.

    Look at the way that people respond to abortion! The law doesn't give the fetus any rights, however, there is so much public outcry when people have abortions believing that the fetus is a person! This is the difference between moral and legal rights! For a lot of people, the fetus has moral rights, but legally, he/she doesn't.

  • Moral and Civil Rights are two of the three concepts ( Religion ) that form what I call Ethics They are totally independent.

    Moral is what our reason ( or our experience, depends on your philosophy : reason for rationalists and experience for empiricists ) considers right or wrong.
    Laws are made in order for humans to live in a peaceful community avoiding all possible conflict.
    Religion states rules to make real life more bearable and prone a way-of-life that is aiming to have its followers reach bliss.

    So, basically, these concepts have been, I believe, purely created by men in order to avoid conflict on earth ( we can, in a certain point of view, consider that, since the "apple", earth is the land of sins. Hence humans must avoid conflict again to live in calmness).
    Yet conflicts come from these three concepts.
    Indeed, they tend to contradict. When something is acceptable in terms of Moral, it can be punished by Legal rights or Religion and vice versa.
    Let's take an example.
    Making love while married is not legally punishable. Yet it is forbidden when it comes to Religion and depending on where you live in the world it can be morally wrong, viewed as unallowable by society.

  • In a perfect world there shouldn't be, but in reality there is.

    Moral rights are defined by the core of people that is agreed upon and felt as right. People all feel morality as true, whether they live by it or not the majority of people (maybe not as much today) know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Morality holds higher over law as morals are made through the feeling and truth of what is right in a sense through the sacred gift of life ( being however obtained). Law is created through men of power, and in being in such a position can they create laws to their advantage I.E control, power, money. Few laws may be morally correct but every law is not.

  • Our constitution have legal rights. Our constitution is based on morality.

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