Is there a difference between living and surviving?

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  • Survival and living a life is contradictory to each other.

    Survival which most of the living things do which includes tree, animal and Human beings (it has nothing to do with the experiences, feelings and finding a way to being Human) however living is, making and experiencing life which very few human can do, it has different stages which enlighten the way of survival and takes one to conclusion where they can see and analyse past, present and future.

  • Living or surviving?

    We do certain things to survive. The basics. Sleeping, waking up, eating, drinking, basic hygiene. Depending on the person maybe a few other things, but not much. Surviving is keeping away from death but that’s about it. It’s the opposite of living. Living is making the most of opportunities, and making new ones for yourself. It’s about setting goals, and completing them. Living is about having fun, about feeling good, about letting loose and enjoying yourself. It’s about doing everything you can to the best of your ability- whether that is writing an essay, partying the whole night, communicating properly with friends, facing a fear and completing a test. Living isn’t just breathing, it’s making the most of everything. Living is what we all need to do, but for most of us it’s a challenge.

  • As long as you breath you are surviving, no more no less

    All things with a heart beat, or need for oxygen are surviving. They draw breath not by chose but need. But to live they must do more, they must try more, they must feel more... Surviving is the easy way, eat, sleep, drink, repeat. Living is hared, having to feel all the good and the bad, but in the end for thoes who can be happy, sad, build a relationship and family that can last lifetimes, but in the end it can be all worth it...

  • Meaning of Life

    Survival is hunting for food, for fighting for your existence, for extending your the amount of time before you die. Surviving creates life, but living is the reasoning for it. Love and anger enriches our existence. Living is having a full life, filling it with complexity and passion, not surviving

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