• You can't argue this because it is simply a fact!

    However, it is not THAT large, thankfully, in the Western world. But difference in salary and sexism is still very real. But then again, the only way to end sexism as a whole is to never discriminate male vs. Female in the first place. "What is my baby?" "A human-being!" "What's its gender?" "SEXIST!!!"

    Anyway, AlRae2107's argument is a flop simply because of the tumblr link. Why would you cite TUMBLR for something like this...? Also, Bluepaintcan123, the person against this, seems to not bring up anything on the ACTUAL STATISTICS OF PAY BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN. All I see is that men and women have an opportunity to get any jobs they want, however he fails to recognize that there is a pay gap between genders in almost every job field.

    Here's sources to such statistics:

    Though both links are pro-feminist, so why not check out even wikipedia?:


  • There is definitely a gender pay gap when looking at men and women with similar careers/education levels.

    Please check out this blog for more information about the subject:

    Segregation of occupations, duties for mothers (leads to career interruptions), career choices (main argument by many that women choose lower paying jobs), discrimination in the workplace, silencing the discussion of earnings by workers, discrimination for women of color and minorities...Etc.

  • The wage gap does exist.

    Women have not always had the same job opportunities as men. Since the Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963, there is still a difference between what men and women are paid in the workforce. The National Committee on Pay Equity shows the largest gender pay gap was 56.6% in 1973, and in 2015 it was 79.6%. There has been a change, but it has continued at a slow rate which will not be fixed soon. If the wage gap continued at the same rate of change since 1960, women would receive equal pay in 2059, but at the rate of change since 2001 the wage gap will not close in all states until 2119. According to the Pew Research Center, 25% of women asked say that they were paid less than their male counterpart for doing the same work, while only 5% of men stated they had a lower pay. This shows the amount of women doing the same job for less. The wage gap also affects different countries such as Spain and Germany where top paid women are making 15-20% less than men for the same job at the same company (The Economist). It is 2018. Incredible technology and new research is constantly being done. How are people not being compensated equally? Society needs to make a change and equally pay people according to their work, not according to their gender.

  • They’re is but not for the same work, it’s because they don’t work as hard as a group.

    Women are paid exactly the same amount as men for the same work, this is by law, the gender pay gap is there as women as a group earn less than men as a group. This is because as a group women tend to work less hours and are not as hard working, this is probably because a man is usually expected to share his wage with his partner and family, but in a lot of cases women are not expected to and she keeps it all for herself once married, so she doesn’t have the pressure on her that the family man does so doesn’t need to work as hard.

  • The wage gap exists, accept it

    I don't know about other countries, but in Australia, the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) takes into account the different jobs people do, its not just an overall average. As of November 2015, women who worked full time in financial and insurance services were earning 30% less than men who worked full time in financial and insurance services and 27.3% less than men working in rental, hiring and real estate services. The wage gap exists and anyone who says otherwise hasn't done sufficient research to back up their arguments.

  • Get your head out of your ass

    Who the crap believes it is not a thing. Go tell all those females being discriminated and don't get equal rights that its not a thing. You will get the shit beaten out of you. Sexism is indeed still a social issue which will not be resolved till sexist people decide to open their discriminative eyes

  • It has been statistically significant

    The reason is because Women weren't in the United States' great work force in the past and old ways of payment conflict with that because salaries haven't caught up with the present day. Blue collar jobs aren't paid enough, especially not if you're a woman. It will even out eventually

  • No there is not

    Women choose different jobs than men. Women get different degrees than men. Women work less hours than men. Women take more vacations than men. Woman earn less. Women are not payed less than men for the same work. That's a feminist myth. Again. Women earn less than men because we have different jobs and work different hours.

  • Women generally take lower paying jobs.

    There is no law in America that says women are to be paid less. The reason why women generally make less is because they generally take lower paying jobs than men. If the wage gap did exist more companies will hire women because they can pay them less, but this isn't the case.

  • The only reason there would be a difference in pay is the personal decisions of the individual people.

    Here is a summary of what I am trying to say. You should check it out:
    There is nothing preventing a women from taking the same jobs as men, or getting the same degrees, or being more assertive in the workplace, or working longer hours, or getting a better relationship with people in your job (networking and all that), etc.
    You can't just take the average wage of ALL men and women then say its proof. BS. People are paid differently in different jobs, and most men typically take higher paying jobs (not sexism, especially since women are CHOOSING not to take those jobs.)
    Most men work longer hours and overtime, while most women can't because there are a lot of single moms out there. Not sexism, but personal choices.
    Also not all bosses are the stereotypical fat white capitalist that just laughs off women, it is totally ignorant to think that. Most bosses care about those who are the most capable and valuable. If there is a qualified woman which will be a huge benefit to the company, do you honestly think that they would pay her 60 cents on the dollar? She would just quit and they would loose money! Most people wouldn't risk that.
    (Also there are equal pay laws that are ALREADY passed in America, just Google it.)
    Women need jobs that will work with their schedule, and many high paying jobs demand things that most women (specifically mothers) cannot provide.
    Sexism is almost nonexistent in the Western world, but people act as if it is a rampant problem.
    Check out some of these links for more:
    Popular Careers for each gender-
    Men work more hours-

  • Yes and no

    The Yes: Women do get payed less then men
    The No: It's not due to gender
    The idea of a wage gap is illogical when you look at it economically. If women were payed less, wouldn't companies fire all men? Or is it because women choose less paying jobs?
    This video explains why there is no wage gap

  • Normalise for same job, same company, same level, and there is no gap

    I fully agree and accept, because it is clear from the data that Women as a demographic "earn" less than men. What I deny is that they "earn" less due to some entrenched sexual discrimination were women are "paid" unequally for equal work compared to their male counterparts.

    Simply put women earn less as a result of social and cultural issues, that drive choices women make. Society pressures women to take time off to raise a family, whilst men stay in workforce. Also cultural stereotypes can affect how young women make decisions over University degrees, and career choices, which effect their future earning potential, and not being able to access the highest-paying jobs, functions, and industries

  • No. It does not.

    I know countless females who get paid more then men for similar jobs because they simply work more hours or have a higher status (having been there longest and what not). In general though, most women don't CHOOSE to work full time or they choose different kinds of jobs. When it comes to the same job and same exact hours I guarantee the man and woman would be paid the same, but guess what. It's rare that two people will make the exact same choices daily like that. It's honestly not that hard to understand. If you truly want to change the difference we should encourage girls to strive for math and science so they can get the hire paying jobs, because guess what...Women have the freedom TODAY to get those jobs. They just choose not to. Personally I will choose to have a family and WANT to be with my kids ore then at work, so I can focus on them. Due to that, yes, I will get paid less then my husband..Obviously.

  • The Wage gap doesn't and can't exist.

    The statistics for the wage gap is taken from all jobs not the same job with the same work. Women generally take more time off then men and also choose lower paying jobs. Also if this was real do you really think the government would allow it to happen. If it was real businesses would only hire women, if the only had to pay the 78 % of what they pay men then why would they need men they could get more profit with women workers. The wage gap is a tired argument to brainwash the sheeple watching the left wing news. You cant claim that sexism is systematic its not its personal some people are gonna be sexist protesting saying #freethenipple isnt going to change anything it may even make things worse because you look imature.

  • Women earn less than men based upon their own choices. Women might earn less than men, but each side is payed the same.

    Women earn less than men based upon what jobs they have, how much overtime they do, how much time they take off, and what degrees they have. Example: There are more women teachers than men, while there are more men engineers than women. Women earn less money than men, but no discrimination is involved.

  • It's down to how we promote certain jobs to boys and girls

    There is no pay gap between Gender. At least within the UK (my perspective). Women within the same role as their male counterparts, working the same hours per week typically earn more in the 20-40 age bracket. It becomes convoluted beyond that due to disparity in positions between the genders. The reason the gap is said to exist is usually because the average pay of women across all sectors is compared to the average pay of men across all sectors; this does not consider differences in jobs occupied nor does it consider differences in hours worked. In order to remedy this illustration of the pay gap, one would need to be advocating paying women far more than their male counterparts when working in typically low-paid professions (such as childcare or social care) in order to levy up the figures- this is clearly discriminatory. The problem is too many women occupy these positions compared to men, and these positions are low paid. Solutions therefore rest within how we educate boys and girls as to what is "suitable" for them to do, and also about the low rates of pay within these sectors in general. Also how much maternity/paternity leave we grant (in the UK a woman can take 9 months paid leave, a man can take two weeks so that creates over 8 months of surplus wage for the man against the woman by default, even if he takes full paternity leave). Certainly within the UK it's illegal to pay someone less money than another person in the same position on the basis of their gender. We need to look at the positions occupied primarily. Looking at gender and pay in a simplified way only creates knee-jerk responses which provide no long-term solutions. For example giving all of your women within the office a payrise because proportionally the women within the office earn less than the men may resolve the issue for them, but what about the women who come after them? And can you justify the questions of any male colleague who asks why his female friend suddenly takes home more money than him despite working the same position? Can you really argue that it's justified because your board of executives is largely male, so you need to push the figures up on the lower rungs of the ladder?

  • No, There Really Is Not.

    The common misconception about the gender pay gap is that is a 77/100 gap. If you do your research through the bureau of Labor Statistics, you will see that this 77/100 concept is based on the overall totals, without accounting for all the women who do not work.

    When you go through the BLS, you can do the math and factor in different variables like actual hours worked, or unionization, or experience, or education, and see that the 77/100 gap is inaccurate. When you account for these variables, the actual wage gap boils down to roughly 88/100.

    Now, keep in mind that this 88/100 Still is not comparing directly between any one specific position. We are still looking at the gender totals, not individual comparisons. However, when you look at the gender comparison as a whole, you can see what the 88/100 gap accounts for.

    That $.12 accounts for supply and demand in the workplace. It accounts for the fact that men typically pursue four out of the five most lucrative college majors, while women statistically pursue four out of the five least lucrative college majors. And finally, it accounts for the fact that men generally have a work mortality rate that is nine times the work mortality rate of females.
    So, in conclusion could you make an argument that there is a pay gap? I suppose you could. But if you really want to argue that there is a gender pay gap, then I will argue in response, that there are a safety gap, an education gap, and an hours gap that all favor women over men.

    Man earn better paying degrees, work longer hours, and are more likely to die at work. I would think that it's fair to say men have earned that extra few cents.

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