Is there a George Carlin syndrome in this country?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes there is

    George Carlin was funny, no doubt, but he was also a selfish apathetic douchebag whose primary message was, "The world is a terrible place and that is what it is. You shouldn't do anything about it." This is a message that seems to have infected Americans. George Carlin was the worst thing to happen to humanity since Ayn Rand.

  • We have become cynical as a nation.

    Our country has become very divided about how everything should be handled from marriage to the economy. Because opinions vary so greatly, it is almost impossible for any politician to perform to a level of constituent satisfaction. Rather, we have taken a cynical outlook about the capabilities of government as well as the condition of our society, which we tend to blame on the segment of the population with whom we disagree.

  • More people in this world are stupider than I though

    OMG, you know that saying he said that some people are really f--king stupid. LMAO. Well. I guess it's more truer than I thought. Some idiot I came across the other day said, "Sweden didn't have an empire. Scandinavian countries, ugh, didn't, ugh, have an empire." Seriously, are people this dumb. I feel like our drop out rates keep going higher and higher up. Yes, Scandinavian countries had empires. I mean even a pre-Kindengarterners know that. Lol
    Damn, people are becoming dumber.

  • Clearly this board doesn't understand what dark humor is, or George Carlin's principle point.

    The world is a terrible place because people refuse to admit it, not because it inherently is. He painted the world as a bunch of hypocrisy, which is completely accurate if you have an understanding of how to siphon information for fact-origin references. Our media, advertising, politicians, scientists, bankers and clergymen are all as equally flawed. They all contain sections which fake data to manipulate an otherwise healthy system. These days it's getting worse, and people are getting "dumber", but it's not the intelligence level, and it's not because we're incapable. It's because we refuse to admit when something is wrong, especially when it's right in front of our face. This has happened through recorded history, and is not something even up for debate after being repeated by every single civilization to have ever exist. Perhaps the worst problem we face in the USA is a literal partnership between the education and pharmaceutical business empires, which each specifically target children and parents as an advertising demographic, and anesthetize them, then punish them for being distracted or unfocused. All these things can be fixed, and a small part of it is admitting the facts which stare us in the face. There is no George Carlin syndrome, just a man, like any other in history, who's fame represents a clear message within ourselves.

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