• How do u think you got here?

    How do u think you got here? Who wrote the Bible? Where do u go when u die? Here's the answer, God! You can say he's not real all you want, but I am going to laugh so hard when you go to hell. That is a day I wouldn't miss.

  • It takes more faith to not believe in God.

    Ludicrous is the thought that the universe fell together perfectly itself. We are the only known planet with surface water, a flawless atmosphere, and self-sustaining cycles that heal themselves when unbalanced. The sun is the precise distance away, we have a properly sized moon to keep the earth from flooding, and there are the perfect amount of planets to keep the earth precisely in the correct rotation. This came to be on its own? The Big Bang is not simply a theory, but dozens of theories that all must coexist for the idea to be true. The trillion-piece jigsaw puzzle of Evolution had to be perfectly alined accidentally. Objectively, that is more far fetched than the fact that we have a perfect Creator who loves his creation. Just because there is evil in the world doesn't mean that God is nonexistent. He gave us all a free will to do as we please and rewards those who walk the path to Him and to salvation.

  • If evolution and the big bang are true, it didn't start by itself

    There is no way even if the big bang and evolution did occur, their processes started all on their own, it just could not have, this may not prove that a personal God may exist, but it certainly can form a speculation around the idea that a higher power might exist

  • Does the pope wear a funny hat?

    Of course there's a God. If there wasn't a God, then nothing else would exist. The only way it's possible for anything to exist is if something exists necessarily. So something must necessarily exist that is the cause or explanation for why everything else exists. What else is that but God?

  • There is a god.

    Pretty much the reason why people want to argue that there is no God is because

    - They think there is more than one TRUE God and believe you can't possibly tell which one is real or not unless they happen to be materialized in front of you.
    - They react more towards emotional appeal and fallacy rather than logical critique (if God existed there would be no evil, etc etc.)
    - They believe that God is anti-science without considering the fact that science is meant to observe material and natural phenomenon and not the spiritual or abstract.
    - They believe that since one can be moral without believing in God, God isn't needed in order to be good. Despite the fact that God himself stated that nobody is truly ever "good" in the most pure sense.
    - They believe that limiting their thinking to materialistic observation and expectations is the real way to determine truth.

    I find a lot of things wrong with the atheistic viewpoints and their so-called reasoning actually gives me all more motive to believe there is a God.

  • The universe contains countless formulas, which could only have been created by God.

    There is so many formulas in the world that by an extended metaphor, it seems that God was the programmer. Gravity, circular motion, mass-energy equivalence, etc. were found by scientists or engineers however, these formulas already existed, yet went on. There is so much to learn from the universe and even on Earth (there are mysteries under the sea) that it has implicated that a higher authority created this. There is the counter-argument that questions how come people believe in one God? How about this... do all people interpret a book the same way? Of course not! The point is that many people may have seen the same God yet they interpret his presence differently.

    Another counter argument is if there was a God, why do terrible things happen? Well, God gave people free will to do as they please. However, they would have to face the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, there is suffering because it is caused by the many people's abuse of freedom. If God intervenes to control individuals, he would interfere with their right. In addition, there needs to be morality and evil so these two paths could be offered to the individual – they have to choose the right path. Solemnly, God knows who would turn away from him just as rebellious children would abandon their parents. He gave us the option to turn away because like Darwinism, the Kingdom of God is offered towards the fittest based off their devoutness. Your option, your call.

  • Yes, there is a God

    There is a God and it is really simple to notice that. If people think about all the great things that humans make, they should also think about the nature, which God creates and is just perfect. Think about all the physics equation and equilibrium constant. They are miraculously designed to work perfectly under specific conditions.

  • i just know it !

    I had a lot of premonitions, and a lot of answers in my dreams, too many to recount here. I have seen in my dreams situations that happened even after years... I have asked questions that were answered very clearly by Jesus himself. It has nothing to do with what i read or heard or what i have been told.
    There was a time i had lost my faith. I have suffered greatly and became bitter. And i have expressed it to Him and to people, many times. The road back to faith ( not just belief, but trust in this power ) cannot be explained in this small comment.
    I do not exactly know what it is, but it surely exist.

  • God is not Dead

    You people are like Thomas in the Bible. "To see is to believe". Someday when God returns to judge all of us, those who don't believe in Him will regret and suffer in hell with satan. Yes I don't have an evidence that there is God, but He showed me lots of great things to me that I cannot explain. If you surrender your life to Him you might experience that he really Exist.... I hope Everyone will agree that God really exist 100%

  • God is there

    Scientists have proven that soul exists in the human body. When we die it leaves the body, because that soul is our real identity. This soul is like a droplet or a negligible part of the super huge ocean (God) And if u believe soul is there then you have to accept the truth the master of all the souls also exists (every where).

    God is not a person, so that you can see him, its a unknown power that is creating, handling and destroying continuously. I also don't believe in any religion or any book like bible or kuraan. But i still believe in god. Just do you duties, be good and loyal for every person, take your responsibilities and just pray twice a day and you will find, that gradually you will also become a god believer. Thanks..

  • God is a myth...

    There is so much lacking evidence to support this claim that it's just mind boggling to think there is a god. The rules to find out if something exist is to use your intelligence, observational skills, and your senses to figure things out. Now let me ask you, have you ever seen or detected a god? no, if yes you lost your sanity. Next intelligence skills... If there's a god, then how come the world is so corrupt, with war, violence, disease, ect. A real god wouldn't make such a poor design. So that doesn't work. Finally your senses, well we've already covered that and you haven't seen, tasted, smelled, heated, or felt a god so that's my evidence, case closed!

  • God is Evil

    There is no God, and many of these posters have already given many reasons as to why. I will like to challenge another idea of God though. I do not believe in God, but to the believers: Why do you love this God? If you ask me, if there were a God, he would be evil.

    This is the God that sees women as inferior beings.
    This is the God that approves of slavery.
    This is the God that condones rape.
    This is the God that is responsible for mass murder.
    This is the God that threatens his children with eternal torture.
    This it the God that will burn you for eternity, even if you are kind, loving, accepting, selfless, and have helped countless people...Simply because you do not worship him.
    This is the God who has created followers who say things like "I will laugh when you go to hell"
    This is the God that has created hateful followers who rejoice in the idea that another human being will be tormented for eternity.
    This is the God that has convinced you that he is good.

    How many of you believers have actually read the Bible cover to cover? How many of you have reviewed the sickening atrocities committed by God in the Old Testament. Do NOT argue "oh, old testament does not count", because by doing so you are either saying it was a different God, that God's values change overtime much like a human's, or that the Old Testament was not truly God's words...Which I will then ask you, how do you know the New Testament is his word?

    I will not worship murder. I will not worship slavery. I will not worship rape. I will not worship the eternal damnation of millions of people. If God were real, I would not worship him because he is evil.

    And to many of you Christians, I ask this. Google image fourth degree burns. Look at those pictures and ask yourselves this: can you enjoy heaven knowing millions will be burning for eternity for the simple fact that they do not share your beliefs? If you think you can still enjoy heaven, and laugh at the torment of others, then you are truly a follower of God. An evil God creates evil followers.

    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” - Epicurus

  • Times change, religions change

    Way back when the dominant religion was paganism, the Greeks thought that the sun was a chariot driven across the sky. We learned the truth, paganism is virtually nonexistent. The Bible says that the Earth was created before the sun. In a few centuries, Christianity will have declined. Religions come and go.

    Posted by: Anun
  • How can there be a god?

    The bible says god is 'all-loving', 'all-powerful' and 'all-knowing'. If he is all knowing he will be aware of all the suffering in the world, and if he is all loving he will surely want to prevent it. And if he is all powerful then why doesn't he?

  • Of course there's no god

    Believers often say "If god didn't exist, then nothing would". But then it leads back to what created god? If you say "God always existed" then why can't matter have always existed too? And realize how many different people believe in different gods. If there is one true god, every one would believe in the same thing. Not with different opinions of Jesus, Allah or what ever created the Universe. Answer: There is not god and it was created by humans in order to explain things.

  • We are living in a new generation ... Yet nearly half of the world believes in false hope. >.<

    To start of, it is not a belief, but a fact that God does not exist. I may have started a bit to harsh, but please take the time to consider my points. Before Science had that *boom* because of advancing technology, people wondered questions like: 'How did the world start?' or 'Why here; why now?' and other similar questions. They just didn't have that answer they wished to know. Then, some people had a great idea. They would establish a false hope that would soon get out of control that for countless generations that would never go away. They called it (bet you can't figure it out): 'God'.

    1) If God exists, why is there calamities and suffering to this world?

    Christian - "Oh, that's because Adam and Eve ate that fruit from the Tree of Knowledge."
    My Response - First of all, there is no consolidating evidence that Adam and Eve were the first humans. And there is no proof that there was the 'Tree of Knowledge' either.

    Christian - "There is proof! The Bible says all!"
    My Response - But anyone could have written the Bible...

    Christian - "The Bible contains God Words"
    My Response - If the Bible contains God Words it means God is here right? Then why cannot we see this Almighty leader - God. In fact, how do we know it's God words? It could be a story written by some bored person that caught on.

    I could go on with other religions. But my conclusion is - God does not exist. It is false hope. You guys just waste your time praying to something that does not exist, and something that will give you false hope. The Bible, Quran, etc. Is just a collection of stories that reflects the beliefs of the past.

  • God(s) are just a form of explaining what could not be explained in the past.

    When people first began to think of why there is a earth, water, fire and the weather. People thousands of years ago did not think of real reasons things happened for a reason. For ex.:If there was lightning = god was angry, if was raining, god was crying. These days we know what our world for what it is. Greek Myth use to be a religion. How long till people see today's Religions a Myth?

  • Same old nonsense

    I'm getting tired of the same old nonsense. "Everything has a cause." "Something can't come from nothing". The Big Bang came from a singularity...that's SOMETHING. The expansion of the singularity was just as natural as a star igniting into a fireball. No God did it. Grasp the concept that things can happen on their own naturally.

  • People are fenced in in their own countries and then they start believing in God.

    Being contained creates a certain type of mentality it's called suppression. This creates the idea of God then happiness occurs and the belief is confirmed because people respond well to people who don't cause arguments. Eventually you believe in God as fully as you can unless me steps in and tells the truth which is authorities lie and innocents get abused. Why? Because they'll gain money from you working for them for a long long time......

  • Christianity is the most Fiction Religion.

    According to The Bible, only white people deserve to live. This should make all ignorant people of other races go Satanic and try to kill all the white people, but they for some reason just don't care that The Bible says that. Every time someone doesn't like what The Bible says, they try to change the religion, and they are often successful. Christianity changes so often that people have no idea what it was originally like to believe in the Christian God that so many people worship. For anyone that sees this that is actually gullible enough to believe in a god, research the The Bible and its origin. I want you to try to act the way it says and do what it tells you to do, you will most likely change your religion. If you still don't, you are a gullible dumbass.

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qopel says2013-02-24T16:35:33.907
It's the 21st Century and we still have 45% thinking like cavemen.
AnonyFeline says2013-05-26T11:06:01.393
To claim to know whether or not God exists is an extremely arrogant notion on the part of humanity. From the scientific perspective, it is a hypothesis that can never be tested nor is it a theory that can ever be observed. To claim otherwise would be to circumvent the scientific method and ignore the process by which all scientific knowledge has been established. From the religious and/or spiritual perspective, think that we could possibly see or much less understand the intentions, mind, or even the mere idea of God is in itself heresy. If God does exist, and God created everything in existence, to fully understand God would be infinitely beyond our comprehension. Take sub intelligent life form that exists in our world as an example (rodent, lizard, bacteria, or a virus). Would any of these life forms be able to understand the intricacies of language, self consciousness, and self realization/actualization? Would they ever understand the idea of partial differential equations? The nuanced language and double entendre of Shakespeare? Or the dialectic method? The obvious answer to all of these questions is a deep and resounding NO. Our understanding and intelligence is orders of magnitude beyond what any of these life forms could even come close to after generations of evolution. Similarly, who are we, as mere humans to believe that we can even begin to understand God, the master and creator of the universe? The one and only way to possibly understand God is to create a universe of our own, including all matter and life therein. So in effect, there is no way to know, which makes both the contention of a theist and an atheist contradictory to their stance. A theist could not possibly understand God, an atheist could not possibly prove (by testing and/or observation) whether God existed or not.
Anonymous says2013-06-02T08:48:10.177
There are two postulates and four possibilities..
(1) We cannot prove God created the universe
(2) We cannot prove that life evolved by natural selection
(3) We cannot falsify creation by God
(4) We CAN falsify evolution by natural selection

Evolution has been tested for violation of the Second Law of thermodynamics.. And it fails that test. See [vh-mby.Blogspot.Com "Dialogue with the Universe"]
DavidAdolfo says2014-05-14T04:21:05.400
It violates the second law of thermodynamics?

The law is concerning thermodynamics, not evolution.

"The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems always evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium, a state with maximum entropy. "

True, we cannot prove the existence of god, and it is equally true that we cannot disprove it, but that is because of the nature of PROOF.
Proof, does not equal truth. Even if it does indeed "violate any laws [of science]", that does not mean it is false. "Laws" and "Theories" are the recordings of man to explain phenomenon that occurs around them. Knowledge is the connection between truth, belief, and justification (Epistemology - The study of knowledge). Our explanations for how the world functions is not the truth, it is what we believe to be the truth.

And that is why religion is not very different than science. This is what you believe to be the truth. You believe that a sentient being has created and governed the universe. I believe the universe has always existed (It does not seem unfeasible to me that it could change form). These are things we believe to be true. The only difference is that you are invested in your beliefs, and I am not. If you are wrong, than surely, you would be upset. I go through life with an open mind. I do not care what you believe in. I am NOT invested in anything. It would not affect me if I find out that there is a god, it would only affect me if there is an UNJUST god.

Another CRUCIAL difference is that I have developed my beliefs primarily through observation and examination of the universe. I have investigated the phenomenon around me and have made rational conclusions. I may then apply/reflect on this knowledge however I please.

Whereas you have adopted an ideology that was written several millennium ago. You are free to apply this knowledge how you want. You choose to apply it in a way that limits reason and yourself. You think that for merely questioning god, he will condemn you to eternal damnation. If there is a god, would he really be like that? Wouldn't he understand the way he has created you, as an intelligent human being, and let you ponder your origins on his own?

Lust (as well as other sins) is natural. I see nothing wrong with it. You can say you do not, but I am sure when you see a pretty girl with nice legs or a cool guy with a handsome body, that she/he makes you think some (according to the 10 commandments) pretty wicked things. Why would god punish you for something that is natural? One may argue this is TEMPTATION; But I see temptation only as a cruel test to see if you really do bone the girl next door (adultery), or envy the house of your neighbor (Thou shall not covet). Why would god feel the need to test a species that was supposed to be perfect? And why would he care about such menial behavior?

Speaking of perfect, The tree of knowledge (It goes by other names)... Why was it put in Eden? To test/tempt Adam and Eve and see whether they would eat the fruit? Why is that necessary, if indeed these creatures are perfect (Read an OLD bible, not a new "version"). If god felt the need to test these PERFECT creatures, only to find out that they are IMPERFECT, wouldn't that make him IMPERFECT too? What was the point of putting the tree there?

I do not personally have a god, nor will I [most likely] have one. One of my problems with your god, (assuming you are talking about JEHOVA, YAHWEH, THE SON OF JESUS CHRIST) is that he seems to me, worse than a human being. He has created everything there ever was, and still, he is dissatisfied. Now he wants everybody to worship him, obey him, flatter him and pray to him. He displays the traits of a very EGOTISTICAL person. In the bible, it does not state god's objective in creating the universe. I was taught that he thought the world seems too...Void... Is that really a problem with a PERFECT being? Was god really just bored, sitting around, all lonely? Was this his inspiration for creating man?

I believe if there is a god, he is not likely to:

1.) Have physical characteristics (vessel to serve as a body)

2.) Have a personality or a state of consciousness

3.) Care about your menial, irrelevant, human behavior such as homosexuality, adultery, lust, covet etc.

What fits this? Science. In a broader sense. Do not think of test tubes and Erlenmeyer beakers when I say this, but instead of the twinkling stars in space, the clouds in the sky, the waves in the sea. "God" [The universe], really is everywhere, and he is here to stay. And he does not care whether you do what you do. He does not care whether you recognize his existence. He does not have a heaven or hell planned out just for you. He is actually a pretty chill guy, he doesn't harm anyone, nor help anyone, he sticks to himself. He is a neutral guy (By the way, the last two sentences was comic relief to break tension).