• It's build your own adventure book

    In my religon, it is clear that all people have free will, except for in a few places (when G-d took away Pharoh's ability to chose whether to free the Jews or not to). Yet, it is also made clear that G-d controls everything. In order to understand this, think about a build your own adventure book. The author knows all the choices, and all the consqeunces of those choises. Some thing with G-d. He knows all the choises, and what happens after you chose, those choises. (The exception here is that G-d kniws what choise you will pick.)

  • Not advocating for a traditional god

    This argument is pretty simple, yet it hinges upon what you define as God. God is traditionally an omnipresent figure, one who created and controls everything, right?
    By this definition, God could be the force that holds atoms together. This is what I am advocating for. We do not know much about intra-atomic forces, leading us to believe that a higher power may be controlling them. This power, or force, or whatever, is God, TECHNICALLY.

    As an atheist, I do not personally believe in the connotation of the word God, but I do believe in the denotation. I cannot exist to believe without acknowledging the denotation.

    Gracias for this interesting topic and I hope you enjoy my interesting interpretation!

  • God isn't real

    Grow up and start to realize that you can't accept the fact that there is no after life and that death scares you.It's okay to admit it. Stop putting all your beliefs in a fictional book that nobody knows who actually wrote it. . You all are sick for even thinking that there is a God. Living your whole life serving a God that isn't even real, is pathetic. Why don't we all act like adults here and start to act like the adults we are.

  • God doesn’t control everything, even if He can.

    In the Bible, God sets up boundaries between what he can and can’t control. God does not interfere directly with the choices we make, but only changes the situations without defying the nature of our dimension unless it is absolutely necessary to support his plan for the ultimate satisfaction for all. If the question is “can God control everything” the answer is yes.
    And to those atheists out there, this does not concern your allegations

  • Invisible supernatural beings do not control the forces of the universe.

    God is merely a personification of the forces of the universe. No supernatural being exists.
    The forces of the universe simply interact with each other like the forces of Nature on Earth interact with each other.
    No supernatural entities exist at all.
    All supernatural gods are mythical. People who worship invisible beings are trapped in the rut of superstition.

  • It sounds stupid

    I mean with all the bad things going on in this world, and all the sadness, and hunger and death, the thought of a god is just plain old stupid. I think that there is way too many bad stuff going on for a god to be real. Um, yeah.

  • Individual human beings are responsible for their actions, NOT God

    No invisible, intangible being can control human actions/decisions/etc. Those who claim that God makes them do this/that are DELUSIONAL. Those who attribute sickness, health, surgical mishaps, desirable surgical outcomes, births or deaths to God are not quite delusional but are expressing ignorance of medical science and human biology. Earth science, biology, and medical science have contradicted claims of supernatural control for centuries.

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