Is there a good reason to keep the British Monarchy in commonwealth counties i.E Canada, Australia, etc?

Asked by: DarthKirones
  • No power. Great influence. Doesn't hurt anyone.

    The 20th and 21st centuries have seen enormous change in governmental structure and the distribution of power. The British monarchy, as a result, now holds next to now power, but has quite a bit of influence. But because tradition dictates, I believe that it doesn't hurt to have the monarchy in the commonwealth.

  • These nations deserve a local head of state.

    As a Canadian, I can say with certainty, the British Monarchy needs to leave. Having to stomach their Queen on our money, her photos hanging in our schools and government buildings, her British flags flying at the city halls and legislatures of all cities and provinces, disgusts me. Knowing the real history of Canada in which we were initially a french colony (the French even creating the term 'canadian') conquered by the British and then suppressed (British gov. ruthlessly descriminations against many people and attempted to eliminate catholicism in an attempt to install british protastantism) makes me even further infuriated by our supposed position of subordinate to Britain. British control and representation over several aspects of our government is wrong. British monarchical command of our military is wrong. A referendum should be held in all countries where their queen still acts as monarch and head of state. This referendum should ask each respective country weather it wants a British monarch or elected Canadian, Australian (etc.) Head of state. These nations deserve sovereignty and true self governance. Not to be controled by an aging British royal family in London. Note: I am not a Quebecer nor am I catholic. I am merely pointing out the facts of the matter that the British should not be accepted as rulers of a nation they abused. Our nation's should maintain friendly diplomatic relations with Britain's elected government and PM and seek to maintain political ties on equal grounds. So, with that, I propose such referendums be held in all former British "dominions" where the monarch still acts as head of state. It is the right of all our sovereign nations to do this.

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