• Yes, I think there is a health care crisis in China.

    In China if you are wealthy and have the means then you can get high quality health care for yourself, if you are an average citizen or a poorer citizen you are going to be stuck with low quality care that is likely not sufficient for your needs, especially when the large cities are full of harmful pollutants it's not a good situation.

  • Health care crisis in China

    There is a health care crisis in China that exists on a grand scale. First, there is not enough doctors for the large population of the country. Also the cities have quite a bit of doctors but the rural regions of the country are lacking in enough doctors to take care of people.

  • Yes, there is a health care crisis in China.

    China is a country of more than a billion people. And to take into account that a lot of that population is under poverty levels, it will only make the logistics for something like Health Care that much more difficult. There is no way to make sure that even those who can afford it will have adequate resources for their treatment.

  • Disease is Rampant

    The fact that the smog is so thick that men are trying to sue the government, it is safe to say there is a health care crisis in China. There are also numerous diseases that could of erupted into an epidemic, and the sanitation as well as overcrowded cities are danger zones.

  • not at all

    no, there is not a big health care problem that is going on in china as it is today. I think that a lot of them do not have health care, but that they do have a good system that is set up to run a good way and help.

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