• The Apostle Paul talks about the third heaven

    Their is a heaven the Paul made mention of it. Jesus also talked about heaven also .Its prettie hopeless with our heavens. You see when life is smiling at us we think heaven here on earth .If Jesus talked about haven and Paul I don't think they were laying.Its comforting to believe in haven than the hub jumbo of know hope .

  • Heaven is a concept

    Since Heaven is an absolute in the fact that it either exists and has always existed, or it doesn't exist. No one really knows for sure what might await us in a possible afterlife. It may, or may not, include a Heaven-like final destination for the soul. Heaven is a primarily a concept in the minds of the living, existing independently of physical death.

  • There might be life after death, but nobody will ever know

    I do not believe that we can say that there is a heaven after death, even though I would personally be comforted by the thought. The simple reason is that there will never be tangible evidence to make this assumption conclusive. The only people to ever know will be beyond our telling.

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