• God says so

    Well... Some people do not believe their is hell and heaven but their is. After a persons life has been tooken away they would get judged if they have done a lot of sins or not. You can not go to hell if you just pray everyday for heaven . THX

  • Both Heaven and Hell exist

    Both Heaven and Hell exist. Only not as most people picture them. I think, that after death a person goes on to live, and depending on his deeds, a "good" or a "bad" world is given to him. I also believe that one can choose to stay in the world he lived before, if the Power lets him...

  • Of course not

    Heaven and Hell were invented by humans, who, because of their fear of death, wanted to think that the will live in some kind of immortality. There is no proof of the existence of such places, just like there is no proof to the existence of any higher power (God).
    Unfortuneatly, the fear of death is still exists today (and probably will be so as long as humanity exists) and humans still believe in these ridiculous ideas, instead of accepting death as the inevitable end of life and recognize that there is nothing to be fear of, because after death there is just eternal oblivion, or simply, nothing.

  • Not Even Possible:

    Both Concepts are ridiculous to the extreme. The hurdles and hoops religious people are expected to satisfy a position in heaven, means that the people that do there are so seriously flawed as humans that most of us would hate to be forever in the same place as such stupid clowns, would get sick of them after an hour, let alone spend an eternity with them. Hell on the other hand is proof that God is omni-Malevolent as no benevolent being would ever even think of putting anybody in such a place.
    Essentially they are only the Dangling Carrot and the Whip to force donkeys or people into submission through false enticement and fear. The traditional way of getting sheep into the pen (church) so they can be fleeced.
    BTW: The obstacles required to climb to get into Heaven, would also mean that those who want to meet their loved ones and relatives there are out of luck, 98% of everybody anyone knows will be in Hell.

  • Most likely not.

    There's no evidence to believe that your consciousness or body go anyway after your inevitable death. With that said, there's no reason to believe one could ever reach another destination intact as they were before. No one can even explain what a "spirit" or "soul" definitively is, much less prove they exist.

    There might be no way of conclusively proving heaven or hell, but I don't need to. They evidence would imply they don't exist.

  • Heaven and Hell immoral

    The existence of two separate supernatural realms are immoral in two ways:
    -The lack of evidence for the existence of these two planes. But to treat them as absolute certainty so as to either scare people using Hell and/or to motivate people using Heaven into belief is essentially a form of passive banditry
    -The differentiation of the 'believers' and 'infidels' or 'good' and 'bad' into two rigid, black-and-white camps is an example of totalitarian false dichotomy as well as totalitarian justice

  • No I don't believe they do.

    I don't believe what the Bible says as fact. I think Heaven and Hell is just wishfully thinking and a way to deal with grief. People say that other species don't have a soul. I don't see why if we do they don't. Humans aren't that special compared to other species. We are animals just like them we simply evolved faster than them. I think when we die we either go to limbo or nothingness. Your consciousness is created by your brain. If there's no brain, I don't think you can exist.

  • Man created gods

    We as humans evolved into such arrogant beings as to take seriously those religious books that are simply anthologies of impossible tales. Powerful and tyrannical men imposed their contents as dogma on other humans as political tools and control devices. A loving god? A god, at all? Well, that was an invention that has begat hate and wars. So no, there is no heaven or hell. Fire is the worst pain of all, and to make it eternal is surely a human device of absolutists. We, not a god or a devil, are our own worst enemy.

  • Logically, there can't be.

    The logic behind heaven and hell is that if you are bag you burn and if you are good you get to hang out on a cloud. This is illogical because this requires the belief of an afterlife. If you need an imaginary friend telling you what to do in order to do anything beneficial to society then you don't belong in society

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