• Hell does exist

    Man (human kind) was created by God in his own image unique from all animals. Man was created as a spirit being with a conscience and ability to communicate with God. Man was created above all animals to rule over them. Man was the only creation that was also given God's law written in their heart. God is holy and unable to allow sinful man in his presence. Hell is simply a place created for those that will exist outside his presence forever. Only the blood of Jesus can take away the stain of sin that keeps him from being in God;s presence. Every person is worthy of hell, but is now reserved for those that either reject Jesus as creator or reject him as savior believing they are good enough to enter God's presence without the cleansing blood.

  • Yes, there is a hell.

    In almost all the countries in the world, people have believed that good people go to good places, and bad people to bad places even though they do not call them all hell. This is not because of people's wish for the bad people to be punished even after their death. Since a human being was made by God, the presence of hell has been made known to people whether they have believed in God or not.

  • No i dont

    Hell doesnt make up for what they do and its excessive punishment and two wrongs dont make a right. Y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y yy y y y y y y y y y

  • NO

    There is no evidence or there being an actual place or plane of hell. Although, perceptually hell could be considered to be any unpleasant experience we have (while alive). In that I mean, life could be hell-like at times, of pain and suffering, you may very well experience your own personal hell if you will.

  • No, Hell is an incoherent logical impossibility.

    All evidence overwhelmingly confirms and re-confirms the fact that humans are like all other animals, other forms of life, and even all other chemical or physical processes in that our existence is entirely temporal. In other words, it is only the change wrought in our bodies by the passage of time that creates the phenomenon of conscious experience. We are creatures of time and live entirely within it. In order to persist for eternity, you would have to be infinitely immune to change and decay. Without movement between one moment and the next, there can be no awareness, no consciousness, and no experience; therefore there can be no suffering.

    In order to evade this problem, one must posit a more finite and temporal version of Hell--in short, one that is conceived to be more like the physical world with which we are familiar. For one thing, this would necessarily mean that a soul's torment in Hell would not be eternal, and for another, it allows us to be very certain in the knowledge that even if such a place could possibly exist, humans aren't actually going there.

    Any way you look at it, Hell is nothing more than a ridiculous story that's been leveraged to harden and burden our psyche. One ought to reduce its aesthetic to mockery. Ridicule Hell, turn it into a cartoon, poke fun at how silly a notion it really is. It's a bad joke and we should work to reduce its collateral damage.

  • No, there is not hell.

    Hell does not exist, it is simply a romantic image that people use to scare themselves into being "good" or that those same people use to convince themselves that in the end the liars and thieves will suffer for their punishments. Hell is simply a delusion of the misguided trying to make themselves feel better and force themselves into some prescribed notion of morality.

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