• We know everything about each other.

    Yes, there is a lack of anonymity in the digital age, because we can find out whatever we want to know. With any person today, you can find out where they went to school, who their friends are, and if they have a criminal record. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is true that there is no anonymity.

  • Want to find out more about anyone? Facebook.

    The amount of information I, someone who hasn't even graduated high school yet, have been able to find on a whim because I checked a person's social media accounts without even being online friends with them is astonishing. I have learned of the beliefs, families, ideas, and even intelligence of people I have never even met because of social media. And although being friends with them online would give me more, not being such still yields incredible results.

    Plus, even if I were to want this elusive friends information, friending online often happens without people even having had heard of each other beforehand. A YouTube channel called "MediocreFilms" put out a video where, using Facebook, he visited several of his "friends" whom he had never met before and was able to get their addresses via their account. Myself, I currently have pending friend requests from 34 people whom I have not friended due to not knowing them. Should I choose to, I could accept any one of these "friends" and instantly learn a treasure trove of information about them.

  • Yes, their is a lack of anonymity in the digital age.

    There is a lack of anonymity in the digital age for a variety of reasons. The most significant one is the fact that our society has decided to put our lives out their for everyone to see on social media websites. Another reason why there is a lack of anonymity is that digital imprints are traceable back to the isp address from where it came.

  • There is a lack of anonymity in the digital age.

    There is a lack of anonymity of in the digital age and the government should take more steps to protect our security. Recent revelations about the National Security Agency's spying programs have confirmed the fears of many that the government has too much control over the Internet and all electronic information.

  • Yes, we can find out a lot about each other.

    Yes, there is a lack of anonymity in the digital age, because it is now easy to research someone on the internet. If a person has any type of job beyond a minimum-wage job, there is probably a record of it on the internet. If a person has a facebook page, their family is not a secret, either. This is the trade off to technology.

  • Hide behind your keyboard.

    There is a lot of anonymity in the digital age because you can create whatever user name you want and then say really horrific and hellacious things and no one will know that you said them. It gives some people a sense of privacy and knowledge that no one will know it was them, so they will say whatever they want.

  • There will never be a lack on anonymity in the digital age

    While I agree that when governments are pushing to monitor the internet, I also see that there's a much greater force opposing this decision and always finding new alternatives to anonymity over the internet.

    There will always be people attempting to censor others however there's always going to be a freedom of information on the internet, legal or not.

    So to me, there's no lack of anonymity, it's the same as always except these day's the popular sites are the ones with censoring however when you sign up an account, you agree to the terms that you will be monitored.

    Everyone, stop complaining about anonymity if all you use are websites that actually NEED to monitor what's posted and what needs to be censored that doesn't comply with their terms and conditions.

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