• Who can even doubt there isn't?

    The collective image representing the scientist as the personification of integrity is quite laughable!
    I love Science when it doesn't conduct itself like the Roman catholic Church... When it doesn't institutionalize knowledge and treat new concepts and research as heretic.
    Scientists are seen as prophets of truth when they are just human beings driven like any other, by passion and ego... However their field of knowledge, requires hard studies and super intellects, the scientist is a vulnerable being outside his box... (humble servant of a system that will have him to struggle to meet the ends and have him to 'sell his soul' to survive.)
    I am not denying of certain Scientific Community holding on ethical values precepts ( I met a few) against corruption that seems to win over most. The 'Star Academy of Science' (Nobel Prize) would give a the ultimate idea on how it operates... The politics inside the scientific community is quite an ugly picture to see now days. If we live in a dangerous world on the edge of extinction, it is primarily because of the lack of ethics in the field of scientific research.

  • PhD Researcher - received over 5 million in competitive grants

    Its simple - most science is bullshit as published. It is all a giant money making scheme for universities, which is not all bad since universities provide education to the masses. With that being said, I can take the same results and method, and write a conclusion or discussion to support the argument that I need to make to get my next round of funding. Its a fucked up system and Congress is to blame. If there was not such a tight squeeze on R&D funding, then scientists wouldn't pull this shit. Personally, I don't do it (army veteran before academic), but I see others pull this shit all the time. It disgusts me. I have reported several colleagues to the OIG, but nothing happens.

  • There is a lack of Ethics in Scientific Research

    I feel that there is indeed a lack of ethics in today's scientific research. Animal testing has been a hotly debated topic for years, but it has not been stopped in its entirety. I believe that animals should not be subjected to scientific experiments because it is unethical to do subject them to such things.

  • To A Degree

    I think there is a lack of ethics in the field of scientific research, but I think that is part of the general environment within science. I think people in this field are more concerned with answering questions and finding new discoveries, rather than worrying about the implications of these processes. After all, it was scientists who created the nuclear bomb, were they being ethical at the time?

  • no, I do not think so.

    I think scientific research is, for the most part, carried out ethically. These ethics debates have been carrying out for centuries, most by people who aren't scientists. Usually these debates are carried out by moral philosophers of science who don't actually do any science. Rather, they just sit there and babble.

  • Scientists have too much to lose.

    I do not believe that there is any credible threat of a lack of ethics in the field of scientific research. In credible scientific endeavors, researchers must publish their findings. Those publications are then subject to peer review. Any ethical lapses would be apparent, and would be dealt with swiftly. The loss to reputation would be immediate and lasting.

  • No, I don't think there is a lack of ethics in the field of scientific research.

    I believe that the vast majority of scientists hold themselves and their experiments to the highest ethical standards, those who do not quickly find their funding cut and out of a job, I think overall scientists strive for ethical conduct and establish clear protocols on the ethics in their different experiments.

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