Is there a lack of human civility and decency in American society today?

Asked by: rruthbj
  • Self-Esteem Movement Gone Too Far

    I live in a part of NY where the love of self trumps all. A smile is too much and shows weakness. The neighbors are overly concerned about material accomplishments. The community is part of the 1% where they earn a ridiculous amount of money compared to the rest of the United States. They have proudly reaped the benefits of the mortgage crisis, scooping up land and homes and revel in other people's misery. Someone spoke in another post about Christianity and not helping the poor. Many churches still aim to help those with less well off. As Christian values shrink, so do the fruit of the Spirit which is love, joy, peace, forbearance (patience), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

  • Definitely no kindness

    Everyone feels that their opinions are all that and if you disagree you are called horrible names and made to feel lower than whale poop. And that by people that don't even know you. There are good people out there but they are fewer and fewer lately. It is the attitude of "I am better than you and I am going to prove it by bullying you around" The thing is everyone is doing it. It is no longer 'what can I do to help and be kind" but 'what can I do to make you feel really bad about yourself" I see people all over doing this and nobody even has a chance in this world. Can we treat each other with RESPECT!

  • Palm Beach County is the Center of Rudeness

    What I encounter every day:

    1. Line cutting.
    2. Trying to pass more than 10 items through the checkout lane.
    3. Being shoved aside when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy.
    4. Unable to keep a safe distance from the car in front of me.
    5. Few times of eye contact and a simple hello.
    6. Holding doors for people who pass through with nose in the air and no thank you.

    I could go on. However, it would be unfair to say everyone is rude. I have met some very nice people and even though I am often times tempted to drop a door in someone's face, I don't because I don't want to be like that. The people who return a thank you are always very nice and if I get one of those a day it makes all the rude people melt away. I like to think that most rude people are not aware of their behavior. They are too preoccupied to even realize their own actions.

  • Yes, there is

    I'm as guilty as anybody of it, I'm out to benefit me and I don't really care who is negatively impacted to achieve that goal. That's most people, we're courteous when we think we're supposed to be but only because of that, not because of any actual empathy towards one another.

  • To an extent

    I've been noticing that people react well to emergencies, such as the Boston Bombing, recent hurricanes, and that people have really done well in helping out other people. However, I still think there's a lack of humanity when it comes to being proactive. For example, there aren't nearly enough people outraged over the US Government bombing Pakistan and Afghanistan and a general disregard for the marginalized and oppressed.

  • Lack of Guidance

    I feel the lack of civility and decency stems from the removal of organized religion from school. Not just christianity but all religions. Religion has been the guidance of man for thousands of years. A simply system that tells you whether an act is right or wrong. A system that kept children in line for not only were their parents watching them but a higher, all knowing force, God.

  • Yes, there is a lack of Human Civility and Decency in American Society

    I am sure that everyone can agree there is a lack of human decency and civility in America today. The question is why and how. Why did America go from the land of the brave to The Land of the Selfish? Why doesn't the "Christian Right" feel any moral stirrings to help the poor, sick and elderly? Jesus always helped the poor, sick and elderly. Jesus did good works with deeds. Americans do good works through taxes. Why does the Pro Fetus Group feel it is moral and ethical to call their fellow humans murderers, just because they have a different opinion? I am constantly disappointed by how selfish America has become. How one sided the political powers that be have become. It is as though each group or person thinks they are the only group or person in the room, in America, in the world. Everyone is acting like naughty children on the playground trying to be the biggest bully. And where is it getting us?? A bad international reputation, a country crumbling before our eyes and a one way ticket to hell. Yes, Christian Right, that includes you. So don't sit there thinking you aren't included. You are. In fact you are the biggest bullies on the playground right now. I think we should all get to thinking about how to stop this insanity and act like grown ups again.

  • In some places, yes(Texas, North Carolina indefinitely)

    The one problem is we have idiots staining our name constantly. It is to the point where we can't go anywhere without being mocked. Those idiots do not represent our society as a whole, they represent our largest export. So I must disagree with the assumption that our society as a whole lacks decency and civility. Then again, there are people that troll which also demolishes our name in the eyes of foreigners.

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