• People control themselves

    People control themselves, and people have the final say on what happens to them and what happens to themselves. Many [well-meaning] laws are passed in order to regulate how people treat themselves, and one of them is a law against suicide - in order to get people mental health assistance. Still, people have the right to decide if they want to die.

  • There should be

    As it is, religious intolerance is preventing the decriminalization and legalization of physician-assisted suicide. Anyone with suicidal thoughts should be encouraged to take action to better their position, but people suffering from painful terminal illnesses or being stuck in a vegetative state should have every right to end their own life.

  • There is a legal right to die.

    There is a legal right to die. This should be a personal decision and not left up to anybody else. The government should not get involved in this decision. I feel that terminally ill patients that have any other options should not be allowed to suffer because of some law that the government puts into effect.

  • It can be argued that a person has a legal right to die.

    If the right of self -determination is considered a basic right afforded to every American citizen the right to die is included in that right.A person should have a right to their existence and what happens to their body and in the ultimate sense that includes the right to die.

  • In some cases, yes

    Imagine that you are suffering from a painful, debilitating disease. You've spent years wasting away and you are in constant pain. The doctors are certain you'll never recover, and in fact things may only get worse. The only things keeping you alive are your medication and the machines you've been hooked up to for days, weeks, months, years. In cases like these, if he or she who is suffering is expressing that they wish to die, allowing them to do so with dignity is only humane.

  • Not At The Moment

    As of right now, there is not a legal right to die. People are not afforded the choice rather they want to live or die, except in cases where they have made living wills, which are rare. Physician assisted suicide does have it's supporters, but as of right now, it is illegal.

  • No, there is not a legal right to die.

    Whether or not there is a legal right to die (such as assisted suicide) is dependent on the law of the country in which someone lives. The Netherlands, for example, does allow for assisted suicide, so people there can make decisions about ending their own lives. In the United States, there is currently no similar law that would allow for this to happen. That being said, people do have rights about not prolonging life in certain situations, and can make this known through an advance health care directive.

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