• Everything has a logical explanation...

    Everything has a logical explanation. It's just that the logic is on a different order level, a much higher order level than we human can comprehend. This is why sometime faith is necessary. When you accept the reality by faith, you can proceed and understand more. If you keep spinning your wheel about one little thing that you don't understand, you will keep spinning your wheel. When you accept and move on, even if you don't understand, you will some day understand it. It's like almost guarantee. I didn't accept the numeric system at the beginning when I was little. It thought it was silly. I can do lots of thing with mathematics now and see a better logical reasoning in math. Now, would I be able to understand it now if I keep fighting my ideology not to accept the numeric system when I was little.

  • Everything is logical.

    I do believe there is a logical explanation for everything, even things that seem illogical or impossible. While we don't currently have logical explanations for all practices and parts of existence, that is simply because we haven't discovered them yet, not because they don't exist. The laws of physics seem fantastical and unbelievably in many ways, but are true and logical. People may act crazy and irrationally, but there is a logical breakdown to illogical behavior.

  • There is always cause and effect.

    There is a logical explanation for everything because the universe has rules that are followed without exception. Like a big game of pool, a particle bounces off another to move it as one massive chain reaction. The chain follows a massive linear, but complex order of cause and effect. Furthermore, I have yet to see any tangible thing that defies logical classification. Conceptual things that happen in imagination are merely bound by a different rule set.

  • Yes, there has to be.

    Say that one day, a sheep just popped out of thin air. There's got to be a reason for that sheep not being a cow, horse or pig. We can describe any situation with this analogy, and by doing this we are proving that there is in fact a logical explanation for everything.

  • It is impossible to say that there is not

    If you say that there is not a logical explanation for something, you have just explained it - in the sense of saying that there is no logical explanation for it. The universe has to work on logic and have no free will otherwise there will be paradoxes (i.e. causation problems) - what may be true, and I think this is what this is trying to get at, is the idea that there are concepts humans are unable to understand, although science seems to be proving this otherwise.

  • Theory of everything (philosophy)

    Not only the Universe, but everything has a cause and effect, even feeling and emotions.
    I love debating this subject in Philosophy 101 in college. The book we used was “A Modern Introduction to Philosophy” – Paul Edwards and Arthur Pap. We discussed this in the section titled “Determinism, Freedom, and Moral Responsibility.” We discussed cause and effect when debating Determinism.
    As you have stated, as you learn in Physics, there are physical laws that explain everything in the universe, e.g., why a feather and 1,000 pound weight drop at the same rate of speed in a vacuum. However, that being said, an event can be controlled by millions of variables, which makes prediction of some events difficult, e.g., weather. I can predict with almost 100% accuracy that it will not rain today in the Atacama Desert, which hasn’t had rain in about 400 years, but Chicago, IL, depends on the Jet Stream and fronts, etc. Many events happened billions of years ago that are responsible for how the universe is now and continues to expand, i.e. the Big Bang. Many events happened on earth that resulted in man, evolution.
    We discussed cause and effect when debating determinism. I am a behaviorist and believe all behavior is based on cause and effect too. But, behavior is controlled by many variables too, which makes prediction difficult. People don’t like to believe that everything is based on cause and effect. They like to believe in superstitious nonsense, like miracles and supernatural beings that control the Universe, like the manmade concept God.
    I love this example, “A baby is believed to have miraculously survived the Madrid plane crash inferno which claimed 153 lives. The infant was pulled from the wreckage of the jet with just broken legs.” :153 on board and everyone is killed but one baby. How could that happen?
    It was a miracle? God saved that baby? Why? Why didn’t God save the other 152, maybe the other 152 where atheists? God works in mysterious ways incomprehensible to human beings. Just pure BS! The reality is that the baby survived based on the laws of probability, happenstance. Some people believe in luck; but, what they believe in is probability.
    Determinists like me, believe that “Free Will” is an illusion, which the hypothesis put forth by Baron Holback (1723 – 1789) in his paper “Motives and the Determination of the Will.” I believe you have no control over what you do or say, or even what you choose to have for lunch.
    You brain have 100 billion neurons, interconnected via trillions of synapses. Many of your actions are involuntary responses (e.g. eye lids closing, breathing), the rest are learned responses (e.g., using a toilet, praying).
    You may think you are making a decision, you are responding to stimuli and stored responses in your brain. Even love is a preconditioned response.

  • The human world is different than physics

    Logic is based on cause and effect. We can find causes, Their effects, And patterns in the worlds of non-living and living things except humans. We possess conceptual thinking. We develop an understanding about a matter at hand by integrating facts and finding the best course of action for us individually. THereon we employ what we have at hand for achieving that result we see as a better choice. At that point, Out volition becomes a cause with its effect. It depends on how well we are informed, How rational ou thinking is, Time and place of our action, Etc. About the outcome. It is relatively easy to explain a given human action as a cause and its effect logically after it takes place but it is very hard to find patterns and to establish principles or make predictions in the human world.

  • Everything has a logical explanation

    Yes, I agree that everything has a logical explanation. I believe this because all thinks or events must have a reason to happen, They can't just randomly happen. As an example, Protests can't just be random, There has to be a logical explanation for them to happen or occur. Another example is God creating the world, This can't have just been random. There has to be a reason or logical explanation for everything to happen.

    Year 8, NBO

  • There is a logical explanation for everything

    If you think about it, everything has a reason. A plant grows because the seed was watered, planets formed because particles clumped together, humans evolved from apes because of natural selection. These are some causes and effects. Even if we do not know something, that just means we have to find it out. If this was not true, than science would not exist

  • There is a logical explanation for everything

    There is a logical explanation for everything especially when you allow for some illogical factors to be included in the reasoning. Not everything behaves exactly as told by established boundaries and previous studies, there will always be a fluke or a wild card which must be expected and planned for. This will allow for many unexplained phenomena to be easily accounted for and processed in a logical fashion.

  • No there does not.

    The human mind tries to make something that is not logical, logical because our mind whats to. Even if it's wrong it will try to make it logical because it can not comprehend that one thing does not just come from nothing at all. That is very hard for our mind to have something that goes against logic and so our mind will look for a logical explanation.

  • Not necessarily the case

    It deceptively seems like there must be a logical explanation for everything, since in the world we observe it's usually relatively easy to think of what cause something else and how it works. But in quantum mechanics they still can't find anything that causes the random ways that subparticles wind up manifesting themselves and popping in and out of existence. Could there be something we're not noticing? Yes, but it's also possible that it really is just random.

  • Not their isnt

    I think this because i was in class and we were talking and looking more into the tectonic plates. I got mad and me and the teacher had a little conversation about how it was made. I cant see how they were made at all NO LOGICAL EXPLANATION. Like How?

  • There is not a logical explanation for everything

    There are things that humans have no idea about our even know that those things exist.I assure you all those things may not have a logical explanation. Otherwise same thing as to what the comment above suggests there was nobody at the beginning of time.So who developed humans! So there is not a logical explanation for EVERYTHING.

  • No I believe that not everything had an explanation

    1 word: God. You can't explain everything even god is working in mysterious ways. I hate it when my father says do you believe these sh*t? Yes I say I see shadows and he says there is a logical explanation. I was born with that almost everything I know hasn't got an explanation.

  • The major flaw of logic

    Is that it always has and will have many unanswered questions. Logic will never be able to prove the origins of existence. Logic will never magically figure that one out. Because....Drum roll.....There is nobody here from the beginning of time! So we will never really know. And I'm not talking about some math equation to explain a chemical reaction that might have mixed with something to create something that somehow evolved (thou now they don't) into humans. If that's the case who developed the equation of such a perfect combination?

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