• Yes, Media consists of alot of gender bias.

    Media promotes many things such as the fact that one gender is better. This not only affects adults, Children who sees these things will also get affected for a whole LIFETIME. Furthermore, Media is constantly feeding us information that subtly tells us something very gender biased, Like 'women must stay at home while men must go to work'. This gives young children a very limited view of the world and they will think very stereotypical and not open.

  • Of course, yes.

    Wherever I look there is gender bias on both women and men. I see the expectations of people for boys to be tough, aggressive, and dominant towards the girls. I see women rated as "sexy" or downright "ugly" due to their appearances. I see advertisements that always include the pretty women for "sex appeal." I see strong, muscled, handsome white men saving women, causing them to get all gooey eyed for them, and to hang onto the men. And when the females save the males, they are shown as sexy, and they always have the weakness in their hearts for the men, while the men are stronger. I see females in need of help all the time, unable to protect themselves, while the males are expected to be able to. When a boy does something wrong, I always remember the phrase, "Boys will be Boys," while the girls are expected to be polite and well-behaved (if not, they are considered to be 'wild' and 'uncontrollable') In the news, I see men as the lead anchormen with the important things to say, while if a women is picked, they somehow always look to be what you'd consider 'pretty,' in their dresses and make-up. I see the expectations that girls and women loves to shop and that they love clothes and shoes. I'm a girl. I hate shopping, frankly. I see all of these gender bias in the media, and I see everyone, my friends, my family, my teachers, falling for it. So please don't tell me there is no gender bias in the media.

  • "MEN ARE NOT THE BAD GUYS!" Oh, shut up.

    Of course there's gender bias in the media. All media. Doesn't matter what. Yes, most of it is bias against women. However, there's still some against men, too... Though it isn't against them. Not as much. Men are the 'strong' ones. Men have to be 'manly' and 'take care of their family.' That's kind of a high standard, isn't it? Sure. But it isn't anywhere near as bad as the double-standard of women. Women need to be sexy, but they need to be polite, but they can't be a prude!! Women need to be smart, but they can't be intelligent enough to make their own decisions and realize they're being oppressed!! Women need to be beautiful, but they can't wear makeup, that's LYING to MEN!!!

    You see the problem? AND IT ISN'T JUST MEN DOING THIS. Women are biased against other women without even realizing it! That happens! The best thing to do is just acknowledge it and do our best to correct ourselves in the future.

  • Men are constantly degraded

    Men are CONSTANTLY being cast as: bad, evil, not important, stupid, silly, uncaring, emotionless and other negative stereotypes. Women are always cast as smart, good, caring moral, etc. I was awaken by the reality by researching the topic "misandry in the media". The reality is that men are equally sensitive and get hurt emotionally as women. When a news article depicts a crime they are MORE likely to say that the perpetrator was a "man". If it was a women they are more likely to remain gender neutral. Likewise when referring to heroes the media is likely to use gender neutral language to describe a male....But for a women they will state her sex: policewoman, etc.

  • The media hates Republican women.

    Yes, there is a lot of gender bias in the media, because the media picks on women that are Republican. Sarah Palin is considered stupid, just because she is a Republican that is pretty. Meanwhile, Democrat women are taken seriously. This is gender bias, because a woman cannot help it if they are pretty.

  • The media is rife with gender bias.

    Just look at the number of anchors on the air today. Men, who make up the majority of talking heads, dominate the news scene. And the women, when they are picked, are selected based on their looks and appearance rather than their qualifications as accurate and informed news reporters. This is unacceptable.

  • Gender bias is reflected in media.

    There is gender bias everywhere and it is reflected in the media. There is certainly bias when it comes to expected looks as it relates to gender bias in the media. For the most part people are expected to fit into the gender norm, and women are expected to always "look good" whereas men have more freedom to not be as fit.

  • There is not a lot of gender bias in the media.

    There is not a lot of gender bias in the media. It seems that there is a relatively equal amount of female reporters or journalists as there are male reporters and journalists. Television broadcasters are usually paired in male-female combinations, so watching news programs gives you the impression that there is not much gender bias in the media.

  • I Don't Feel There Is

    As a female citizen in the United States, I honestly do not feel there is a lot of gender bias in the media. I can gather my media from whatever source I feel appropriate and I do this over the Internet. I have yet to notice any major problems with gender bias, but I see a lot of political bias all the time.

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