• There sure is.

    There is definitely a market for wearable computing. Things like Google Glass will be very popular. First, they are novel and futuristic, this means people will want them to show off to others. Second, they are great for doing extreme sports or just recording your daily life. Definitely there is a market.

  • Eventually it will be

    I think that with the new smartwatch and other items that wearable computing will be able to create a market. I think that there is even technology for google glass as well as new developments in contacts, there will be a market for fashionable and easily worn technological pieces for people.

  • Yes, I believe this will become the next big thing.

    I believe we have already seen this happening with the launch of Google Glasses and Samsung's line of smart watches. People want easier ways of getting of accessing the Internet without having to constantly take out their phone. It makes sense that as time goes on, people would want the Internet to physically become a part of them because it impacts their lives so much.

  • Yes, there is a market for wearable computing.

    Yes, there is a market for computing devices that are wearable. Although these devices will not immediately appeal to the general public, there will be a market segment that is interested in these devices. As wearable computing devices evolve, the market may grow to include the general public as well as early adopters.

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