Is There a Moral Difference between Passive and Active Euthanasia?

  • Yes, one allows nature to take its course.

    Yes, there is a moral difference between passive and active euthanasia, because euthanasia actively is murder. Passive euthanasia is more like just letting what is going to happen, happen. God makes some people to get sick and die, but God's gift of life is precious, and God does not intend for people to speed the process along. There is a moral difference between leaving a life alone, and purposefully ending it.

  • Active Euthanasia is diffrent than passive

    Active and passive Euthanasia are morally different. Active euthanasia is when the medical professional does something that causes a patient to die, or 'killing' them. Passive Euthanasia is when the medical professional quits trying to keep the patient alive through other means. Active Euthanasia seems wrong and against medical professional code of conduct. However, some people state that they would not want to be kept alive through machines, picking passive euthanasia.

  • Same chair; different colours.

    What else is the difference between such euthanasias? Euthanasia is the actual and intentional taking of life from a human being. We do not own our lives to ourselves nor do we decided to ourselves when do we live and when do we die. This life given to us does not permit of us to have granted ourselves the opportunity to end our lives. All life is precious and a jewel to be treasured more than riches or fame in this world. Who are we, to decide how and when we will die? Who gave life to us? Did we get our own lives from ourselves? There is a time appointed for us, when we will die. We do not take it for ourselves. We don't rule over our own lives, neither do we decided what is wrong and what is right.

  • No, morally it is the same to me.

    Whether you are active or passive you still have that thought of death in you head. You still want to kill yourself. Killing yourself or somebody else is morally wrong. It does not matter whether you are active or passive you still are making somebody die. That is my opinion.

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