• People should help because we rule the earth.

    It is a moral imperative to protect endangered species. This is because human beings are masters of the earth and we should be helping other species maintain their population. We all share the earth together. Unless it is an overpopulated predator, then we should always help endangered animals to survive and procreate.

  • Our natural resources

    Yes, it is very moral and very important to protect the species on this earth. Humans are great at damaging other species habitats and depleting their numbers, so we have to be careful with them so that we do not over do it, like we have in the past some.

  • Yes, we are morally obligated to keep this from happening.

    Being the "intelligent" species on the planet does not give us the right to allow another species to become extinct. The earth belongs to all it's inhabitants. We humans have a moral obligation to find ways to protect endangered species so they might thrive and return to healthier population numbers. We cannot allow the earth to get to the point where humans and food animals are all that's left.

  • Since we know better, we should do better.

    Yes, I think that there should be some moral imperative to protect endangered species. What does it say about humans as a species and as a conscious group if we do not take the time to protect other sentient creatures from the damage we do? If we know better, and we do know better, we should do better.

  • But a good thing

    Endangered species are important and are the legacy and that we leave to our children - letting them die means we give them up and rob future generations of their existence. Still, if human lives are at stake, or people's lives are far better, things might happen - though action should be avoided.

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