Is there a Natural Law for the world (Yes) or is Right and Wrong completely subjective, thus no one can be 100% right (No)

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  • There is a natural Law.

    But some societies go against it and call it tradition or culture. No matter how wrong it is. Marrying an 8 year old is wrong. But it is the norm in some cultures. They are all disturbed in some way. I don't care how you were raised or by whom. You have a natural desire to do what's right, IF YOU ARE NORMAL. If you are not, then you are going to go against the NATURAL flow.
    Another example.... Hitler said kill the jews. Obviously if the people were normal, they would have killed him instead. But no, they chose to do horrible things. That is going against the natural flow!!!

  • Yes there is Natural Law.

    To argue this position I will define "natural law" as the use of reason to analyze human nature. I want to use the example of polygamy to argue this point. In the remote jungles of Laos, there is a small ethnic group called the Hmongs. Historically they were mostly a monogamous society dating back to their roots in Southern China. However in the 1960's this changed, polygamy became commonplace where one man can have up to 2 or sometimes more wives. The reason for this was the Vietnam War. Laos boarders Vietnam and when the war started the Hmong Men were heavily recruited by the CIA to fight for the Americans. The war devastated the numbers of available male in each of their respective villages. The unbalance in the Male to Female ratio made it common and socially acceptable for polygamy to take place.

    Now whether you agree that Polygamy is right or wrong. You can see the reasons and necessity for polygamy in different cultures. There are other groups other there, where the ratio of male to female is reverse. This has caused Polyandry to occur where one woman marries multiple husbands. Such is the case with the people of Tibet before the Chinese takeover. There is a "Natural Law" that will govern what is socially and morally acceptable depending on each society's location and situation.

    Here in the United States, maybe we wouldn't be so opposed to Gay marriage if the ratio of men to women changed. If there was a drastic decline in the number of available females. I do not see any straight men wanting to stop gay men from marrying. Likewise, if the number of available men was drastically reduced, I predict woman would rather be in a polygamous relationship versus no relationship at all.

  • Based on opinions

    Right or wrong is simply a perspective. All statements,facts,points all are biased. It is just simply a matter of how biased. Most people would agree that opinions are more biased than facts, or perhaps when the majority agrees with something it is "right". Truth is simply a perception of your reality.

  • In the end, it's all about society.

    I had an argument with my Mum about this. I'll give you a snippet of that argument to convey my point.

    She believed that inequality in any situation, whether the person(s) involved were happy or not, should be considered wrong across the world, and that there was in no way possible she could be wrong.

    Counter Argument:
    Off the bat, I totally agree that inequality anywhere in the world is wrong. I will never change my stance on that and I'm sure a lot of people agree with me.

    What I don't agree with is that I am fundamentally, 100% right in my OPINION. I would argue that the reason I believe this is because of how society has taught me, and how I have been raised. There is no man in the sky who will be the referee of this topic and say 'You're right, they're wrong!'.

    Because of all the conflicting arguments in the world, there is no way of knowing definitively right from wrong; only whats right and wrong in a specific society. To impose anyway of thinking on anyone else is wrong (again, as I've been raised and taught to believe). There's no one person or book telling us the definitive answer.

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