• Yes, seems an obvious answer

    Despite perceived anymosity, corporations must be held to some level by the imposition of regulations. We've seen the result of deregulation, we are selfish by nature and as such are apathetic to the conditions of others. Profit motivates corporate interests, not environmental responsibility. Despite the outlandish argument against; we do not have roles to play on earth. We can abide by societies structures or deviate from them, global environmental regulations must be administered.

  • Yes, there should be a global climate initiative to help slow global warming

    There should be a global climate initiative issued in order to make a multinational effort to attempt to seriously slow the process of global warming. There is ample evidence that global warming is causing more and more environmental damage, and there needs to be worldwide standards and commitments to attempting to curb the emission of dangerous gasses and other chemicals.

  • No there isn't such a thing as a bad person.

    Every single one of us on this earth, has a role to play in it, and in its' function. This includes what we perceive to be "bad" people. They really are not bad at all, but merely playing the role of a bad person in order to keep everything else existing as it does, a role they willingly come here to play out of love for God, and love for the universe itself. If no one took this role life as we know it would cease to be or exist.

    There needs to be a push-pull, good-evil, yin-yang, whatever you wish to call it, force for society to be. You cannot have one without the other. We would not know strength without weakness, we would not know love without hate, triumph without sorrow, and so on and so forth. You need both elements for life to work and function as it does.

    So no there isn't such a thing as a bad person, because at the end of the day their reason for being "bad" is for the good of all. Like everyone else, their existing, their being, has a purpose, even if they don't know it on the physical level.

  • No there is not a need for a global climate initiative

    What there is need for is change from within not a government forced change. We ourselves have to be the ones making better choices, not relying on government to do it for us. If we do that we'll lose even more freedoms in the process and we've already lost a lot. So no, I don't think we need a global climate initiative, but rather what we need is a personal responsibility one. That is to say, we make the choices and are responsible for the consequences of them good or bad, not letting government make the choices for us.

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