Is there a point where we should stop medical procedures on the elderly?

Asked by: gordonjames
  • When requested in a terminal condition

    I for one would never want to live with Alzheimer's or dementia. I want to move to Europe just so when I'm older I will be able to get euthanasia if that happens. It should be a personal decision with living wills used in the case that people aren't in a condition to express their wishes.

  • For everything there is a season.

    After a person is no longer contributing to society, heroics to keep themselves alive is selfish on their part and foolish on society's part because to maintain life at all costs for everyone creates an unsustainable system. And if it's only for some and not all, then it's inequitable and thereby morally wrong. There is an old Yiddish word, schnorrer, which describes a person who takes more than he puts back. This is true of life as well so this is what the old become, schnorrers. If they are generally healthy and sustaining themselves in old age then so be it, but if they are taking from the rest of us by getting expensive procedures like dialysis, LVADs, chemo, bone marrow transplants, organ transplants, heart surgeries, repeated diagnostic testing, expensive equipment and medications, assistance by healthcare personnel just to keep themselves alive after they retire, we all pay for that just so they can live more feeble years. They are taking from young working people who are struggling to maintain their families with just the basics. We need to give our children and grandchildren a chance instead of burdening them with prolonging our old age. After a certain age keep them as comfortable as possible and let them go; they had their season now let the young have theirs. Enough already, stop the madness.

  • Extreme medical treatments often reduce the length and quality of life.

    We often fill the last months of life with medical procedures and hospital time that the elderly regret having agreed to. Seniors and their families should be given more council about the hardships of spending their last days in a hospital environment. They should also be warned of the risks associated with infections and surgery that are more common at an advanced age.

  • Expensive, Pointless, Unnatural

    Medical bills are at their peak during the first two years and last two years of life. It's insane how much we spend keeping the elderly alive. I can already hear the objections. "You're dehumanizing them and taking away their right to life." What about the right to die? Nature intended for humans to live a certain amount of time. You're not actually killing anyone by ending medical procedures; you are keeping them alive by continuing them. Honestly, all the old people who want to keep living as near-vegetables and take thousands of dollars away from either their families or taxpayers are just being selfish. We all have our time to live and our time to die. Stop trying to justify keeping people alive by deeming the opposite as killing. It's not.

  • Stop The Suffering

    My grandma lived with me for a year after she got Lewy Body Dementia, and we could see that she didn't want us to keep her suffering any longer. We could tell she wanted to go, and didn't want us to try and make her better anymore. We made her comfortable and let her leave in her own time. When an elderly person is beyond being saved, don't prolongue their suffering by trying different medications. Just give them enough to make sure they're as comfortable as possible, so they don't have to suffer anymore.

  • Sometimes, people decide, after long deliberation, that life isn't worth living

    People should have a right to end their own lives, as long as the decision is made in a sound, stable frame of mind. No one should be forcing the elderly to go through grueling procedures, or suffer through debilitating illness if the elderly do not wish to live anymore.

  • We Should Stop Medical Procedures?

    As in "We The People"? Absolutely not. Let's not sugar coat the question you are asking. More appropriately, you are asserting that a death panel should determine the fate of a person at a specific age. What age is appropriate? When they retire and stop paying taxes? I noticed many respondents to this poll saying yes used the word "I" a lot. This question is not an "I" question. It is a "We" question, more specifically a them question. It does not take the elderly's health into consideration nor does it have any compassion toward those who wish to live. Strictly speaking - "We" are counting beans and deliberately reducing overhead of past contributors to society. This is a ludicrous idea not worthy of serious consideration. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the ignorant youthful voters and supporters are convinced they need. This is exactly what they are going to get when ACA has taken over every aspect of your individual right to make medical decisions for yourself. If this is truly what you want, do you also support repealing social security withholding's?

  • Individuals matter! No matter the age!

    I strongly believe that no matter what people deserve to have all that they need to survive and live peacefully. I mean, as their time goes by, they should have every minute more possible to experience life. After all, you do only live once, right? Then, why let these people have less time?

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