Is there a possibility that a Historical King Arthur once existed?

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  • King arthur is true

    Someone thinks that camelot is at cornwall and some Knights were found on cornwall too!Also all legends comes from truth and even if it is almost fake it comes from bit of true.So king arthur can be true.D d d. D. D. D d d. D f. F f f

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  • Possibility That Historical King Arthur Existed

    Yes, there is a possibility that a historical King Arthur existed. All legends are borne of something true, even if that truth is a small kernel. The Historical Arthur, if there was one, was probably a Germanic warlord among the Saxons, and Germanic warlords among the Saxons certain did exist.

  • There is historical evidence to suggest that a real life figure served as the basis for the Arthur of legends.

    Archaeologists and historians have found evidence to suggest that there may have been a real life figure who was the inspiration for the Arthurian tales, though scholars have, thus far, failed to come to a consensus as to who that person might be. The evidence cited for the historical existence mostly pertains to recorded battles fought by a few different historical individuals that roughly resemble some Arthurian tales as well as the existence of actual locations in which many of the legends took place.

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