• It's flat mate

    Most people that believe the world is round never researched it while people who know the earth is flat understand it and researched it heavily to break the indoctrination. There is no curve on earth. The horizon is perfectly horizontal. It's sea level not curve. Airlanes travel through the air"plane" and the azimuthal equadistant map projection is the UN and USGS logo and is precise and accurate at levels the globe projection fails.

  • Yes it can

    Science can PROVE nothing.

    It can't even prove that you exist!
    Therefore there is a chance that every single photograph of the earth was altered, that the astronauts were deluded and that the earth is indeed flat!!!

    BUT! There is enough evidence supporting the spherical earth view that it's safe to bet just about anything that it is indeed spherical.

  • It can't be disproved.

    I'm not saying that it definitely is flat. There is no hard evidence that it is, likewise there is no hard evidence that the world is round. Of course pictures from space show that the world is round, but that's impossible. As humans we view a two dimensional image and cameras can only capture as much. There's no way that a three dimensional view of the world can be viewed or proven solidly. Additionally, not everything in the world is known. Human's still have absolutely no idea about most of the questions in the universe. Many of the questions involve the Earth itself such as "How was the Earth created?", and "Why is life on Earth?". We know basically nothing, who's to say it's impossible that we have got something wrong. Above all else, people make mistakes. The world's principle of being round is based on physics. Physics is based on theories created by humans. Humans make mistakes again and again. There's no concrete law or hypothesis. If there is a law there isn't always an explanation and there's usually an exception. There are many theories proven wrong such as the geocentric model theory and the eye beams theory. I'm not saying that the Earth can't possibly be round; I'm saying that it can't be proven without a doubt. There's no way in the world that anything can be concretely proven no matter how simple it is. Obviously, this is something that cannot be disproved. No matter how much you think you know, the reality is, compared to what there is to be learned, you know absolutely nothing.

    Posted by: JAVC
  • There nis only 2 possibilities...

    If you took all the theories that have been theorized about the existanse of this place we call home, Earth, and boil them downonly 2 remain. God and Evolution. They cannot be both accepted. Either God created this entire place, or a random, meaningless, happenstance of scientific preposterousness is why we are here. But the shape of the Earth does not prove anything. The real problem is those in control of Earth. Point blank period.

  • Only If You

    Jump in a machine that can time travel and you go back to the dark ages. Then you will be able to talk to a plethora of people who believe the Earth is flat. Every piece of evidence indicates that it is not and we also have plenty of astronauts that can attest first hand, that it is indeed round.

  • Slope of Earth

    There are more and more people doing experiments to see how far they can see in a straight line. There is a formula for the curvature of the earth and all of the experiments are showing either (1) the earth is flat or (2) it is way larger than supposed by the accepted curvature formula. It is interesting to note that those who build railroads for hundreds and even thousands of miles, do not account for the curvature of the earth. In order to keep a track going flat that long, one would have to dig further and further into the earth to compensate for the curvature or have curved steel tracks.

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  • Looks pretty damn fkat to me.

    My god given 5 senses tell me its flat.
    I trust my instincts over all else
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  • I am starting to think so because

    I laughed at the idea of the earth being flat when it was presented to me. I started to do a lot of research on the flat earth model and it does indeed work and also explain phenomena we see every day. It actually hinges on whether or not our governments are lying to us...Do the leg work...If you believe nasa actually went to the moon I suggest you search it out for yourself.

  • It may be

    I wrote on a nother argument, I'll paste this here. (Pardon my English and Writing, English is my second language) I agree that the flat earth theorists have their exaggerations. Dont be so close minded hear them out. Why jump to the conclusión of our planet being round? How about you yourself prove that it is round.

    You say we have satellite images. What satellite images? I took the liberty into googling "Earth". Only found a few, noticed they all seem perfectly.

    Isaac Newton himself didn't believe the Earth was round. Don't have sources. But I did get this article. Disprove it doesn't have bulges and is round as they come. Let me continue on with the pictures. Where's the so called space debree. The last thing I heard, we were sorrounded by debree, making it hard for satellites to orbit the planet..... One more thing, I thought we had stars, why is there nothing around the planet? Just pitch black.

    You could say they were photoshoped, maybe... But were are the originals? I would love to see them. See how the earth really looks.

    Proving the earth is round is a waste of time. You haven't been to space, you haven't seen Earth. Its ridiculous hearing this from my compatriots... "We have pictures", you say. Really?

    Disproving the Earth is flat because you " believe", you can't see farther than the horizon, because the roundness of Earth blocks your view? .... Ever heard of linear perspective? No? I'll give an example as an explanation. Imagine your on the flat plain. Ever noticed that an item that gets farther away looks smaller? It will get smaller and smeller, until it gets to the vanishing point. It will disappear out of your view. But I'll give you this.... If the Earth is flat. Let's do an experiment.... Lets get a very powerful microscope and point it at the horizon. Can we see anything beyond? Mind you... If you are able to see beyond, that disproves the round earth. I thought if something was round, it is at an angle.. We shouldn't be able to see at an angle lower than us.

    Plz be open, read, do some math. Don't explain something on beliefs. Educated people look into thongs first.

    I'm ashamed of my fellow humans, who scream and call these people stupid and crazy. -_-

  • You all are stupid

    We have pictures that support the earth is round. If you honestly believe that you can fall off the face of the earth you might wanna go back to kindergarten because there is ALOT you need to learn to be in today's world... The earth is round according to numerous studies and videos, there is nothing you can do to disprove this.

  • There's no way

    I just watched a Minutephysics video on this a few days ago. They gave 10 reasons for why the Earth cannot be flat. Their number one reason, which is what is though of first, is that we have pictures from space showing that the Earth is round. Also, it can't be flat because if you lay on your stomach and watch a sunset and then stand up as soon as it passes, you can see the sun set again.

  • Images from space indicate the earth is round.

    Although there is a theory that suggests that earth, as well as everything in space, is a hologram projected from a flat version of itself, photographs from space indicate the earth is round. Until some scientific evidence is generated for the hologram theory, the existing theory has the most scientific evidence for forming an educated opinion about the shape of the earth.

  • Everyone who thinks its flat is stupid

    Seriously guys is this even debatable the earth is round pictures from space say this but not only that we don't live in 1600's you can embrace new ideas especially ones that are obviously 100% true with enough proof to prove it.....I don't even know ..........This is dumb pictures from space should be enough to prove it just saying

  • The earth is not flat

    Their photos of the earth not being flat. I mean when people say the earth is flat it is because they want to go against the flow and be different. There is this thing called NASA that literally have a website to disprove the earth is flat theory. Https://www. Nasa. Gov/audience/forstudents/5-8/features/nasa-knows/what-is-earth-58. Html
    Just go here and stop this idiotic argument.

  • Earth is obviously round


  • What on (round) Earth is this?

    Think about it like this. You're on a beach at night. There is a ship on the water and it has a light on it. As the said ship moves further away from shore, the light gets smaller until it disappears completely. No, it cannot drop off the face of the Earth.

    To do that, you'd probably have to go fast enough to not be affect by gravity and in a straight line or even just straight up, though that is also rather difficult but the only thing that we humans have as an infinite resource is stupidity. I believe that the flight paths that a rocket takes looks like an eclipse.

    I digress, the reason this happens is because the Earth is big enough to only have a slight curvature.

    If you could theoretically just walk in a line from anywhere on the Earth, you would eventually get back to the place that you started. But really, how would the "yes" side even explain what would happen in the same situation on a flat Earth? Do I hit a wall of ice? What if I keep walking? Do I end up in space? Or do I just end up on the reverse side of Earth, where nothing, according to the theory, is there, since the land mass is only on a single side?

    I wonder if it's been noticed that when gravity brings things together, that the shape seems to be...Round? Funnily enough, the planets are round, the stars are round, the moon is round, hell, even raindrops are round!

    Long story short, I think that this is stupid, we have many more pressing matters to attend to, such as what's on the earth itself, and people should also stop trying to disprove science. Also, I would eat a brick if someone with proper science-based research came up to me with solid proof or I saw it from space myself. But just to get it across, this is ridiculous and unnecessary.

  • The earth is round

    The earth is obviously round! If the earth was flat, ships would drop off the end of the world! Also if the earth was flat then every continent would be facing the sun at the same time which we know isn't true because of the different time zones. We also know that earth was formed because of the gravity of the sun and that gravity took the dust floating around and made it into CLUMPS. The CLUMPS while orbiting the sun then started to become spheres! So no it didn't make a disk, it made a sphere. Also the higher up you are the more you can see. Planes can fly in straight lines and not fall of the edge of the planet. But just the fact of different time zones in itself is enough to completely wreck the theory of a flat Earth

  • Global Pilot....Proof in Navigation

    I can see why people still think it is flat, but it is definitely round. Why? When we do flight planning we use way points. If I were to only use two of those points and stretch those waypoints out really far apart (say 4,000 miles), then it gets interesting. We have to account for the earth rotating to hit that point. If the earth was flat, then I wouldn't have to do that. Seeing that I have really good navigation and planning skills from all my experience, I would say that this alone leaves little doubt about the earth being round.

  • You are right out if you believe it is flat.

    It has been proven and proven again that the world is indeed round, and I have a lot of support on this. If the world WAS flat, the farther you get out from the center of the earth, the less gravity there will be, PLUS the gravitational pull will have you feeling like you're climbing a steep hill all the time. I mean, it's just stupid that you think that it's "Illuminati confirmed" and all that crap. People have been to the moon and back, and still you don't accept that the 16th century is over.

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