• It is against the Bible.

    There is a problem with allowing gay marriage because it does not align with the beliefs of Christianity and the teachings of God. While many people are for gay marriage, many other don't agree with it. These are two sides that simply do not seem to have a middle ground.

  • Read the Bible

    Permitting gay marriage is a complete slap in the face to God and Christians alike. The bible says that God made man for woman and women for man. There are tons of passages in the bible that state that homosexuality is wrong, according to our lord. I also believe, as a Christian, that I should not have to explain gay marriage to my children. Marriage is a sanction made in front of God, that is supposed to be Holy and gay marriage is a mockery to the Lord and Christians of the world.

  • Yes but indirectly

    Ignoring my christian beliefs I would still want to ban gay marriage.
    To me, allowing gay marriage is like allowing prisoners to walk in public handcuffed. They don't exactly affect others, but you don't want them to influence others that what they did wasn't bad.
    And It already has affected our youth. Instead of giving them a role model as a father and mother, you have two people who are happy doing anything. I would be confused if I was told that I could be a boy or girl growing up. That what's in my pants is just a tool for pleasure and not for becoming a father.
    It's not that being gay is a direct bad thing, but it affects more people than just the two gays wanting to live together.
    Plus, calling it marriage doesn't make it marriage. You could say it hops like a rabbit, smells like a rabbit but doesn't sound like a rabbit, you still wouldn't have the proof to call it a rabbit. AT least, not a correct rabbit.
    Allowing gay marriage, you might as well allow the animalia and pedofilia people have their decided marriage.

  • All Religion Aside

    Evidence shows us that it's not about equal rights. Countries which have legalized gay marriage had a decline in gay may marriage following the legalization. In those same countries, the divorce rate for gays was 50% higher than straights and for lesbians it was 150% higher. It's about respect and validity in society.

  • Yep there are plenty of problems.

    1. No kids
    2. No proper parents
    3. Aids/Hiv
    4. Abuse
    5. Bad influence on kids
    6. It is unnatural
    7. It will lead to disaster and extinction
    8. It is against God and the Bible
    9. It is not normal
    10. It is a mental illness
    I speak the truth.

  • Of course y’all

    I think that we should have to not allow gay marriage anywhere because it is not good ok and yes I think that we should have to not allow gay marriage anywhere because it is not good ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye bye 👋 peace

  • Yes it is

    I think that there is indeed a problem with allowing gay marriage because one it is against god and of course Christians ok and two you are basically breaking gods law from man to woman to man to woman ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye bye 👋

  • Yes there is

    I think that there is indeed a problem with allowing gay marriage because gay marriage is not right and it is completely wrong for god and Christians ok ok ok and yes I think that we should have trump ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye bye

  • To all the Christians out there

    Intolerance of others is a sin. Live and let live. Two wrongs can NEVER make a right! If you have the right to your beliefs and practices, Then so does everyone else.

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  • No there's not

    Most of the arguments if not all are on the basis of Christianity, yet: 1Peter 4:8
    "Love one another deeply, for love covers a multitude of sins"
    No matter how much you want to believe, you can never know if someone is born gay or not unless you are one and DO know. And when you're born gay and fall in love with someone, you would do anything to be with them no matter how many theists try to stop you and try to guilt you into suppressing your "disgusting" feelings

  • Its against the bible, so what

    Separation of church and state. (Religion is not a factor in making laws)

    Your religion may not be their religion, and they have the unalienable rights to life LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. So if the liberty to get married makes them happy, they have a right to it.

  • All of the people saying read the bible are so wrong and make me so mad.

    I can't explain how wrong you are. It makes me so mad that you won't allow gay marriage because of your 'religion.' This is not fair to people who do not choose to be this way, why would they choose to be bullied, and discriminated against? It is not a choice and gay marriage should be legalized

  • The bible does NOT determine if gay marriage is allowed.

    You are your own person, God made you an individual; therefore, if you know you're gay and you love someone of the same sex, there is no problem with marrying them. A loving God wouldn't disallow love, regardless of what the bible says. If God really, TRULY has a problem with it, he'll speak out himself (unless you're underestimating him), not through a book. If the bible was meant to control any and every aspect of your life, then God would never have granted us free will. Also, there is a line between religion and law. So even if you firmly believe that it shouldn't be allowed because it conflicts with the bible, it won't influence the legalization of it. Again, the bible is not the law, and the two should be kept separate, because some people have different religious beliefs.

  • No not at all

    I do not think that there is a problem with gay people getting married. There is not a problem with gay marriage at all. All people deserve equal rights. They should be allowed to get married like everyone else. They should be allowed to have kids like everyone else. People that don't like it are entitled to their opinions, but they need to keep it to themselves.

  • it's about equality

    Those who oppose gay marriage should be forced to listen to arguments against civil rights, until they understand why we are unable to respond to them as anything but bigots. Yes, everyone who's not hurting someone else, is okay. We don't believe in sin, we don't believe it's wrong, and we're never going back to that past.

  • No There Isn't

    I do not have a problem with gay marriage and I think it should be legal because if it is illegal some people are not being granted equal rights. I believe some people oppose gay marriage because of their personal beliefs but I think the citizens of the world need to learn to be more tolerant of each other.

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