• Defining People By The Color Of Their Skin Is Inherently Racist

    Defining anyone by the color of their skin is inherently racist, For they are judged by their color, Not their character. In recent years this has led to depicting certain human beings as inherently evil and genetically flawed just because they happened to be born with "white" skin. This has led to anti-white bias that makes "white bashing" popular and o so chic.

  • Yes it only leads to more racism

    The fact that everyone gets to be proud of their race and praised for inherent characteristics, But white men are told they are evil and are perpetrators of injustice is what leads to racist right wing movements gaining legitimacy. The idea of whites can't be hated or discriminated against is what allows this to exist.

  • Yes, but also another.

    I most certainly agree there is an anti-White bias. It is obvious. However,
    there is also an implicit anti-Black bias, but ONLY against Black WOMEN & GIRLS, and it is strikingly similar to the anti-White one. I just wish more people cared about this disturbing fact more and acknowledged it

  • It's becoming a problem.

    Racism has come a long way from what it used to be, and now the majority of the world accepts other people from other cultures and races. But along with this, a lot of anti-white bias has started developing because of the way they used to treat people. It's as if the tables have turned, and now white people are getting bashed for getting off their arses and working for the money they receive; where other races don't try and blame their unemployment on 'racist' employers. Yes, there is a problem with anti-white bias when they get bashed for working hard and being more 'privileged' because of it.

  • Anti-white bias problem

    There is a problem sometimes with anti-white bias still. In this country we have changed a lot for the best and for the worst and sometimes these things still occur because we cannot see past someones color. When we realize we all blled the same and that it does not matter what color you are we will then begin to change.

  • Yes, racism is a two way street.

    Yes, there is a very definite problem with anti-white bias. Racism in America is not all one sided. There is equal resentment on both sides and it is getting stronger. It's very difficult when the media, politicians, and religious leaders perpetuate racism. They fuel the bias with inflammatory rhetoric that does nothing but build resentment.

  • It is pervasive.

    Yes, there is a problem with anti-white bias, when children are told that they cannot wear American flags to school on Cinco de Mayo. Yes there is a problem with anti-white bias, when the black students can have a student federation but not the white students, or when the white student is rejected for admission.

  • No just oversensitive white people

    Most white people cannot stomach any form of oppression. They feel uncomfortable that black people or brown people are in school. They have made segregation because they do not want their children neat them. They would build a private charter school or home school them or even close the entire school system to get their way.
    They get suicidal if they lose their 20-30$ per hour job that requires no education. Blacks and Mexicans can work for half that wage and they know it. They would rather enslave them like they did in the past. Black people and indians worked for no pay before and they are more resilient.
    Look at the weak arguments. You can have a American flag for 365 days and on the one day of Mexico's cinco de mayo you want to wave an American flag obnoxiously. They break down in tears and whine about it. Try waving an Italian flag in Oktoberfest and blasting Italian music from a monster trunk on that day see how it goes.
    The black organizations and other minorities organizations exist to protect them from people like you. You have your kkk and nazi and confederate and conservative clubs.
    The white man is afraid he will become a pariah because he treated other races like trash and is afraid they will do the same to him.
    Try having the entire white race be slaves for 200 years and then we will talk.
    And PS your child did not go to college because a person of color took it. They were inadequate and to poor to matter. So 5 or 10 black people got in because of affirmative action but even without affirmative action another smarter student would go to college not your child.

  • No there are not any problems with "anti-white" bias.

    "Anti-White?" Whites in the United States (US) are not being discriminated against or suffering from any bias in hiring, education or treatment by the legal system. The fact that "affirmative action" takes into account race, among other factors, in making selections is not a discriminatory action against whites. All you have to do in see who controls the wealth to see there is no effect from any bias.

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