Is There a Problem with Police Brutality in the U.S.?

Asked by: Oreo222
  • Yes, Yes, Yes, Did I Mention Yes?

    Let me get this right out of the way. NOT ALL POLICE ARE BAD PEOPLE. I should know, many people in my family are cops. But looking in the news recently, there definitely are some who abuse their power. I don't mind that the police use force, I get it, they have to in order to catch some people. But the punishment must fit the crime, and it commonly does not. The policeman or woman cannot be this trigger happy. A delinquent who stole something is not worthy of getting rained on by bullets. If they fight back or resist arrest, sure, a bit of force is necessary, but they shouldn't be killed.

  • There is a huge problem

    In America, there is a racist police culture when it comes to dealing minorities - Blacks and Hispanics. The Attorney General confirmed this at Ferguson, where a black community was policed by an all white police, and racial profiling was business as usual.

    We need to put our police through more training and strap them up with body cameras.

  • Yes. They're Out of Line

    There's a stupid "Us vs Them" ideology among the cops. They're trained to see everyone who isn't a cop as an enemy. [1]
    Also, when a disproportionate number of blacks and latinos are stopped and searched for drugs, even though whites are more likely to use illegal drugs, it says a lot about the police. [2]


  • There isn't enough.

    The police are there to protect the citizenry. Extra brutality towards criminals discourages other criminals, because they know what will happen if they dare to do something illegal. The "us vs. Them" is very valid, because fools saying "f*ck da police" followed by assaults on police officers have become depressingly common.

  • People are not meant to be afraid of their governments, governments are meant to be afraid of their people.

    This does not appear to occur within the U.S. society. I understand that consequences need to exist in order to prevent a society from turning into chaos. However, the consequences in the U.S. far outweigh the actions. The consequences now appear to be more for the enjoyment of the police officers, and less for the prevention of the crime. What is the point in having consequences in order to prevent chaos, when the consequences are things that are creating the chaos?

  • Its ridiculous and an abomination...

    Its rude and uncalled for. I've seen to many videos on the news about innocent teenagers being smacked to the ground without justification.
    The police are so prejudiced and liberal and its only going to get worse. They only do whats fair for their system of belief.
    They don't just physically abuse they verbally intimidate young adults. Probably so they don't get pressed charges for the physical harm. I think the police should not have any overpowered weapons unless its a task force. I understand that yes some of these people are criminals but they will suffer abuse through court so its not necessary for the abuse. The thing is it becomes a racial situation and that is what makes things worse. Anymore these videos of people who are among the Hispanic and African-American population. I'm not trying to be a drama queen or anything its just getting out of hand and the government should do something about it.

  • In my opinion yes

    The US has a severe problem with police thinking they have more power than they think. If a cop has to use violent force they should only be able to shoot the victim a certain amount of times instead of dumping the whole clip. Most cops don't really understand the laws citizens have, They just think if you don't comply your now a criminal in their eyes.

  • Yes, but nothing to do with race

    Yes, it is a problem, but it's not a race thing. Statistics show that more whites than blacks are shot by cops. The problem is that cops, here in America at least, all have what i call a "cowboy" or "hero" complex. They're so narcisstic they can't even control themselves and are trigger-happy.

    Someone else mentioned that they have an "Us vs. Them" type mindset. I 100% agree. Anybody who is not a cop are criminals to them.

  • Look at European police.

    Their police and prisons are SO fucking nice. People rarely die by the police, and their crime rate is much lower. On top of that, a lot of north European countries only have a max prison sentence of 20 years or so, even with murderers. But they rarely ever commit a crime again. Treating violence with more violence is counter productive and overall stupid as fuck. American police are fucking insane. Trigger happy, racists, untrained and unprofessional.

  • Yes it is

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  • No. The police aren't brutal ENOUGH.

    Police are hired to deter crime and apprehend criminals. They are trained to take note of suspicious behavior and try to head off criminal activity. Neighborhoods that are entirely black or latino have high crime rates and heavy drug activity. When a "disproportionate" number of blacks and latinos are stopped and searched for drugs, it's because those are the people who comprise pretty much the entire neighborhood with the high crime rates and drug activity. Kinda hard to target whites in a neighborhood where there aren't any around. Besides that would racist.

    In any case, the police risk their lives every time they have to go into those areas, and the risk is high. The criminals don't want them there because they won't to continue committing their crimes. Every time police defend themselves or try to stop a criminal, they get "racist" screamed at them. The stress levels for anyone in that job must be through the roof, and if one occasionally tends to be a little jumpy or overact, it should be understandable. Those who are interfering with the police doing their job ( race-baiters, media, politicians, liberals) should be deputized and sent into those neighborhoods to do the job, give the police some much needed R&R. They should not be given any guns since they are against them. Just think, they could stop all the crimes by walking around the neighborhoods saying pretty please don't do that. Let's see how that goes.

    "Whites are more likely to use illegal drugs" I'm not even going to comment on that, too busy laughing.

  • All Police Officers are Not Bad

    Police Brutality is a subject that many claim to have "happened" to them. I will say that this is false, but more of an officer doing his or her job within the force. The job is to serve and protect the innocent, and arrest those who are criminals.

    Many always fight back to the Police, but in reality should just comprehend with the police. In my neighborhood, I have a friend who is on the Police Force and is African American. He said that the reason most officers get suspicious is because of a lack of comprehension from the individual being witnessed. It sounds of a "Red Alarm", meaning he needs to look more in depth on the situation. One example he provided was arresting someone who had illegal drugs within his home. He first knocked and the criminal got really suspicious by panicking all of a sudden, and actually tried to harm my neighbor. My neighbor used self defense and arrested the criminal.

    Is this wrong to arrest the individual because of posing a threat to a cop? No! A Police Officer wants to do his or her job, and get home to their family; simple enough. There is no racism in there, or unjust; but simple comprehension is needed.

    Because of the media, many are now afraid of officers for being "racist"; even though, most are not. The media typically want to "spice" up their stories, so adding the title of "Racism" attracts more viewers. The worst part, though, is that the media is getting paid for this and it is sad, when officers used to be the "angel" of safety. Because of the influence of the media, many live in fear from officers; even though shouldn't.

    They risk their lives for protection of the community, and need to be respected for that. They are not the most evil of evils within our society. The officers shown in the media were just bad batches, but we must overlook that. We should instead be asking "Should the Media stop targeting officers for news popularity"?

  • It's Their Job

    Police exist to enforce our laws. When police are shooting a criminal, that is what they need to do if the criminal is resisting arrest. You may have heard about all of the "racist" shootings, when in reality, they were doing their jobs, and the ones under arrest decided to fight back. Also, just because a person is unarmed, that does not give them a free pass if they continue to resist arrest. The media almost always tends to blow things way out of proportion when the facts of the case haven't even been revealed yet.

  • Could Be Worse

    There are cases of police brutality, but most of these cases involve police responding to crime, and then suspects resisting arrest. The reality is that the majority of these cases can be argued as justifiable, but are blown out of proportion by the media, and as a result, the public.

    The Mike Brown case is one such example: evidence explicitly supports the theory that Brown attacked the officer, and reached for the officer's gun. This would make the case a clear class A assault, attempted firearm theft, and attempted murder of an officer.

  • No! Police are doing there job!!

    First of all, you might think that beating another person to bring peace is bad, but it’s all very simple, don't do stupid things. Don't rob a store with a weapon and expect not to get tackled or tazed or shot. Don't challenge the police, get all up in their face, and expect not to get pushed back. The police are doing their job, keeping the city or town safe from people who act like that. An example of this was in January 13 2017, an Arizona cop got shot and beaten while heading off to another incident, so two civilians came to help. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), one of the men used the injured officer’s radio to call for backup as he lay bleeding – while the other shot and killed the man who shot the police officer. I know the person who shot the suspect wasn’t a police officer, though after the police department got contacted by the radio, the civilian was told to shoot.

  • No, no, no, no

    Ppl complain all DAY about how abusive and corrupt the police are. Y? There was a case where there was about 25 ppl at a communities pool having a party. The police told them to get down on the grass because something was going on.

    Some girls decided not too, and to "sass" the police officer. Does she NOT have the right to put her on the floor, stand his ground? Who knows what was going on, it could've been dangerous!

    The police needs to be MORE burtal...Maybe then ppl wont have the guts to do something as stupid ass things like that.

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