Is there a purpose for our lives? If so what is that purpose?

Asked by: steffon66
  • We our definitely created for a purpose.

    God has created each and every one of us for a special purpose. I believe each of us has been sent here to bring about a positive change. We have been given abilities for a reason: maybe that is to make good use of those abilities which in turn produces a good outcome? We can set our lives as examples, as influences for others to follow. God even blesses us with talents, what are those for? Take singing for example. If God gifts someone with a beautiful voice, it is the job of that individual to make use of that talent in whatever way he wishes to. Listening to beautiful songs gives you peace of mind, even improves your health. So, a man, a whole individual was created to bring forth his blessings, his talent into the world and provide happiness to those who loved him, looked up to him, were inspired by him. Then you have so many other examples; some people are gifted with the virtue of generosity, and they grow up to become humanitarians, some are gifted with the ability to act. In the same way, some are disabled, but again, for a purpose. Stephen Hawking is the only and the finest example I can come up with, at the moment. The man, though unable to move, is admired for his brilliant achievements. You have autistic people/children, who are able to do things none of us can. Autistic artists, for example, are some of the world's best artists. SO many more examples, but you get the point. So, my friends, I STRONGLY believe that each individual on this planet is created for a purpose and is given a chance to give meaning to that purpose. The true winners are those who are able to recognize their purpose and are some of those personalities who we truly admire, presently. And I hope that you and I are able to figure out the purpose of our being too, and that we get rewarded for giving meaning to it, in the afterlife.

  • Yes, we have a purpose

    Our purpose for purpose is to glorify God. God created each and every human being to have a purpose. I believe in Heaven and Hell, those who believe Jesus came to this earth and died for our sins and rose again on the third day so that we may be with him in eternity will go to Heaven when they die. Those who reject Jesus as their savior will go to Hell. We are all sinners and we need Jesus as our savior, it is by his grace we are saved. We can choose to accept him or reject him.

  • Yes, I think we definitely have a purpose

    If you look into our biological backgrounds. We are designed to learn, to speak and to use judgement. So shouldn't we focus on utilizing those things, isn't that the purpose? If the topic was referring to the "afterlife" I think that should be up to the individual's judgment. The perspective of the afterlife varies on the individual therefor they should decide what they think it is.

  • Every progress we make here wont help us or anything in the afterlife.

    First of all there is nothing we can learn here that we couldnt also learn in the spiritual world with an ALL POWERFUL GOD without having to suffer. And everything we do here helps us in this life but serves no spiritual purpose. The houses we build wont last forever nor can we take them with us to this never never land. Our positions at work wont carry over to the afterlife. Nothing we do here is going to help us in the afterlife. The only purpose i can think of for this life is punishment for something we did in the spirit realm. But that cant be because some people are really happy here and there are bad people who are extremely happy and good people who are extremely miserable. All the religions that say we are here for a purpose dont tell you what that purpose is because any purpose they could give you would be ridiculous and only serve to prove the religion wrong. And they all make ridiculous claims such as a perfect god will torture you forever for not believing in something which doesnt hurt anyone. And no christian or anyone else who believes this can explain how we deserve eternal torment for a victimless "crime". A rational person wont even see it as a crime. And how can i be expected to believe in a religion that claims it is the only way to god and to avoid eternal torment when every other religion makes the same claim? That means that god gave us thousands of false religions and one true one and we all have to pick one and play the lottery for salvation which i couldnt believe if i was still 5. Lol you want to serve a purpose ease suffering where you can and help others. Thats about the only purpose you can serve and it isnt a spiritual purpose.

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