Is there a Radical Islamic threat in America today?

Asked by: natertig
  • Christians are not killing Muslims here

    I do not know of one Christian that has committed an 'Honor Killing' in this country. I do know of some Muslims that have committed 'Honor Killings'. I do not know of one Christian that has killed a Muslim for Hamas attacks on Isreal, but know of several murders of non-Muslims in the name of Syria or Iraq. I do not know of one Christian that has hanged a Homosexual for being Homosexual, but have seen several Muslim Nations do that type of stuff. There is a claim that moderate Muslims do not condone the actions of the Radical Muslim Terrorist. Where are all of those 'Moderate Muslims' when ISIS beheads journalists? Where are all of those 'Moderate Muslims' when Women are raped and killed in the name of Allah? Where are all of the 'Moderate Muslims' when children are beheaded by ISIS? So, yes there are radical muslims here in the USA. And every 'Moderate Muslim' does not stand up to condemn the actions of the 'Radical Muslims' are in fact condoning the actions of the radicals and are endorsing those actions. It is just the same as the Christians who condoned what Adolf Hitler did to the Jewish people, which most Muslims still believe never happened.

  • There is a Radical Islamic threat in America today.

    Terrorist has been known to recruit Americans for their nefarious purposes. Although most Muslims in America are not radical, it is undeniable that extremists are present and that they are trying to cause trouble. There have been several high profile cases of American Muslims who have gone to fight for holy wars in Somalia and Syria.

  • No, there isn't.

    There will always be extremists and outliers in every community and religion, but there is no major problem or epidemic in America with Radical Islamists. Of course there were tragedies like 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing, but those were exceptions. There were tragedies carried out in the name of Jesus in this country and they don't make people consider Evangelical Christianity a threat to our safety.

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