• Yes, there is a real need for biligual education in school.

    Yes, the need for bilingual education in schools is necessary. As a matter of fact, there is no official language of the United States of America. While the majority of American business and daily life involves the English language, there is always the possibility for other languages to be used. As more and more people immigrate to the United States, they bring with them their native tongues. They operate in their native tongue and teaching other languages in school systems is important to allow for diversity and the continued use and encouragement of immigrant labor.

  • It's the world today.

    Yes, there is a real need for bilingual education in schools, because it is a good way to put students on the right path to functioning in a multi cultural society. A person who can speak two or more languages will have many more options for employment. They will also be able to make more friends.

  • We Need Bilingual Studies

    I believe the United States would benefit if we tried to teach our children two languages. I believe learning a language is easiest when we younger, so the only way for children to really learn, is to do so in the class room. I think the US would benefit if we all learned English and Spanish.

  • No, it is a disservice to the students.

    First generation immigrants due better in school when they learn the native language. Language classes all teach on a total immersion basis because it is more effective. I am in support of providing bilingual tutoring, but not instruction. Even if the math levels of a student are above their english comprehension levels, I think the disservice to the student in the long term is not worth the benefit. The education system is supposed to prepare you for life. A high school diploma with no grasp of english will not accomplish this.

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