• A look into "The Game".

    Here I will tell you about "The Game" and why you just lost it. It all started in the 1970's when scientists conducted a sociological test on the public to see how fact information spreads in the real world. It was a simple game that didn't have a title. The rules were: One, If you think about the game you lose the game. Two, everyone is always playing the game. Three, when you lose the game you must say that you lost it in some form.

    The game stayed relatively small until it found it's way to the world wide web. The game was then quickly transferred to every corner of the globe. One problem was nobody knew what to call it so they had to say it in quotation marks as "the game". After this it was turned into a proper noun and was referred to as The Game.

    We now come to the present day where even the word game and trigger memory to The Game. Now days The game has a few new rule because it has gotten to popular. Rule 4: After loss of The Game you enter "grace period" witch last for 30 minutes, within "grace period" you cannot lose The Game. Rule 5: Although you are always playing The Game, rule 3 is not mandatory. Rule 6: The only way to win The Game is to be out of "grace period" when The Game ends. Finally rule 7: The Game can only end once, This happens when the British Prime Minister, the Queen of England, and the Pope, all three lose The Game is public in no particular order.

    Seeing as the rules here are that of Anonymous, the "terrorist" organization who is supposedly the head of the Internet, most participants have taken them as the official rules. In conclusion there is a reason why you just lost The Game, because I just told you what The Game is.

  • Yes, there is.

    It all started when I read this post. I was aware of something that caused a problem that I can't remember just now. I may have admitted that I lost to a friend but later it was awkward and we did not discuss it again. I have a feeling like there is something I see in the corner of my eye that I don't want to look at again. It's like Inception.. Or maybe the Matrix if you were old enough to see that one.

    Posted by: 2-D
  • I do what I want.

    I lost the game because I felt like it. Nothing caused it, I was just like, "Yo. I wanna lose the game." So it just happened. Don't you question my authority when you ain't got none of your own. I do what I want, when I want, only on days that end in Y.

    I'm a strong black woman who don't need no man.

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