• Yes and so are Democrats

    Republicans are redrawing the boundaries, suppressing black votes and have little respect for the democratic process in America, however the Democrats aren't doing mush to fix the electoral college system or fix the voting rights of American in overseas territories. Neither party has much respect for the democracy overseas, they both have supported coups and juntas for many years and continue to do so and this hasn't turned out very well, Iran was once a democracy before America tried to make it a puppet state as a reaction to this Iran is now a theocracy, both parties have in practice little respect for democracy however this is more prevalent among Republicans especially when it comes to domestic democracy.

  • Yes!

    Having lost the popular vote on five of the last six elections, Republicans just can't win national elections anymore. This is a war on the concept of democracy and republic. Republicans used Obama's absence during his second inauguration to approve a new redistricting plan that gets rid of a Democratic seat making republicans a more permanent majority. And that is only one thing that they have done!

  • No

    If there was a war against Democracy in that party, they had eight years and a very good excuse (9/11) to declare martial law if they really wanted to do so. They're also rabidly pro-war, and one of their ideals is spreading democracy to other countries whether that country actually wants democracy or not. If anything, they're far too pro-democracy for their own good.

  • It's not that simple.

    Call me a radical if you will. However, I do not believe that either of the two parties in power are truly against one another. It would appear as though they are setting up a facade and working together in private in order to manipulate and divide the masses, thus making them easier to control.


    What the hell is this one about? I'm completely baffled by this one. If any group is waging war on democracy, it's the "Progressive liberals" who are trying to force socialist measures and rig elections through media manipulation and putting too many people on the dole. The Republicans in general want to keep democracy here - some to the equally ridiculous (and nearly psychotic) point of setting the clock back by as many as a hundred years (I'm looking at you, Dick Santorum) to preserve it. Even though they're not willing to compromise just as much as the "progressives," why would the Republicans be warring against the thing they're trying - and failing - to protect? That's really why they're disagreeing with everything and not debating over it. Thus, nothing is getting done because of all the vendettas. Both parties are petty, but the Republicans aren't waging a war.

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